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What is the manufacturer's model that cross references to the JC Higgins Model 50 code 583.92?

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The action of the rifle was made by Fabrique Nationale in Belgium, and was their basic commercial FN Mauser action. The actions were barrelled and completed by High Standard, hence the '583' model designation. Excellent rifle.

2008-03-28 01:56:25
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Who has a a bolt for a Higgins model 110 -13 22 cal rifel?

I don't show that model in my cross-references. The Model 101.13 is a Stevens .22 rifle, is that what you have?

Who manufactured jc Higgins shotguns?

J.C. Higgins was a brand name for Sears and many manufacturers made them. You would have to provide the model number. Go to and look at the store brands list.

What is the value of the JC Higgins Topper Model 158 Rifle with the serial number AG266215 and when was it made?

You first have to determine who made the rifle since JC Higgins was a brand name used by Sears. Sears purchased rifles from several different manufacturers (Winchester, High Standard, and Marlin to name a few) and had their name (Sears or JC Higgins) applied. When you have determined who actually made the gun, a JC Higgins marked model is worth about 10-20% less than the manufacturer's model.

Wasn't the model 66 also manufactured by JC Higgins as well?

YES JC Higgins was a store brand name used by Sears, they did not make firearms. Sears bought weapons from various manufacturers and gave them a "store brand" name.

Where can you get parts for a 12 gauge JC Higgins Model 101.1 shotgun?

Stevens made jc Higgins shotguns ,the model 311 interchanges with the jc Higgins

Who made jc Higgins model 25?

Sears' JC Higgins Model 25 is the High Standard model A1041 .22 auto

You personally own a JC Higgins model 3031 Semi automatic 22 cal rifle when where those rifles produced circa How old can it be?

Sorry, but cannot find a Model 3031 in any of my references. Can you check and be SURE that is a Sears model number?

Who made JC Higgins model 20 58359?

Hi Standard made the Model 20 J.C. Higgins for Sears

What is the vaule of a JC Higgins Model 41?

when was the j. c. Higgins model 41 serial number 103,19780 manufactured

Who is the manufacturer of the JC Higgins Model 43 22 cal rifle?

The J.C. Higgins Model 43 was manufactured by Marlin Firearms. It is the same as the marlin Model 83 Blackhawk_45 The J.C. Higgins Model 43 was manufactured by Marlin Firearms. It is the same as the marlin Model 83 Blackhawk_45

JC Higgins model 45?

marlin, model 336c

Are JC Higgins rifles any good?

J.C. Higgins was a store brand of Sears. Guns were made by various manufacturers, and the quality depends on the particular design and who made it. Try Numrich for cross-referencing the model you are interested in and checking out the gun under the real name.

What is the value of a JC Higgins model 1011?

The Higgins 101.1 was made by Savage as a Model 94. It's only value is as a shooter.

What is the age of a J.C. Higgins 12 gauge Model 101.1?

When was the J.C. Higgins Model 101.0 12Gauge Shotgun Made

Jc Higgins model 20 12 ga shotgun model 583.55 date of manufacture on a JC Higgins Model 20 shotgun?

Early 1950's

How many models of 22 caliber rifles did JC Higgins manufacture?

Trick question. None. JC Higgins was a trade name for Sears. Sears purchased all their guns from many manufacturers. You must track back with the Sears number to determine the manufacturer and from there to the correct model.

What is the value of a jc Higgins model 60 code 583.62?

need info on jc Higgins model 60 12 gauge shotggun

Who Manufactured the JC Higgins Model 31 rifle?

The JC Higgins Model 31 rifle was manufactured for Sears and Roebuck by Hi Standard.

What is a jc Higgins model 30 with original scope worth?

I need a strap for my J.C. Higgins 22 rifle model 31. Where can I buy it?

What year did they make the JC Higgins model 30?

The JC Higgins Model 30 was made by High Standard for Sears from 1950-1953.

What is the value of a J C Higgins model 2012 gauge 583.59?

The value of a JC Higgins model 2012 gauge 583.59 is $250.

What is the Recall on jc Higgins model 583.22?

I have one J.C. Higgins Model 583.22. This model can take 5 shots in de recharger and 1 in the camera. Pedro Carvalho

What is the Marlin model of a JC Higgins Model 103.13?

Marlin 81

What is a J C Higgins model 103229?

Marlin Model 81

Is there a model 44 jc Higgins?