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if its a four door Oldsmobile than you need to put 35 psi in both rear and front tires, I own one :)

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Delta connection diagram?

delta connection current rating

When is heat of a reaction equal to the enthalpy change of the same reaction?

I'm pretty sure its when the pressure remains constant. When the pressure is constant: q=delta U + P delta V The equation for delta H is: delta H = delta U +P delta V Therefore, when pressure is constant: delta H = q I think...

What is a delta pressure sensor?

It is a slang tern given to a Differential Pressure Sensor or Transducer.

What size fuse required for 11kw motor star delta starting?

This depends on the motor rating.

What does delta pressure method mean?

It's when you change the tire inflation pressure. Usually by 5 to 10 PSI.

Types of alternators in charging system?

there is the 'Y' type and the 'Delta' type. Delta type alternators are more common due to their high amperage rating and smaller, more compact design

What size of electric motor that requires wye delta starter?

10 hp and above motor power rating....

What would be the rating of gronding transformer for 3150kva stra delta primary stra3311kv trasformer?

It has the highest voltage rating to bring it to the primary supply. This supply is at 17.5kV for 15kV, 24kV for 20kV.

What applications are star delta starters used for?

Star Delta starters are used for AC motors with higher rating (generally more than 11 KW) and with high initial torque load.

What equipment are star delta starters used in?

Star Delta starter is used to start the AC motors with rating generally higher than 11 kw, depending upon the type of load.

What is Northwest Airlines safety rating for 2012?

Northwest airlines no longer exists as an individual company. Northwest airlines was bought out by Delta airlines in the year of 2012. Therefore there is no safety rating for 2012.

Why connect 3phase motor in star or delta?

Higher capacity (higher KW rating) motors take huge starting current to get over the starting torque. To avoid the high inrush of current, star delta starter is used. When started, the motor gets connected in star for few seconds and switches over to Delta and continues to run in delta. In this case motor is designed to run in Delta.

What are some popular travel airlines?

There are a number of popular travel airlines. British Airways is popular as is EasyJet, Ryanair, Delta Air Lines and Emirates. Delta Airways has a fleet size of 1273, which is suggested to be the largest size for Airlines.

What is the fuel pressure for a 1992 Oldsmobile delta 88 3.8?

With the key on pump pressure should be 40 - 47 psi. This is with the engine not running.

What are the ratings and certificates for RoboCop - 1994 Trouble in Delta City 1-4?

RoboCop - 1994 Trouble in Delta City 1-4 is rated/received certificates of: UK:PG (DVD rating)

Why star connected motor have high current compare to delta?

Gently we are using star delta starter for hiegh rating motors,,in star connection the line current is equal to the phase current and incase delta connection the line and phase voltages are equal,,at starting the current will be maximum.

Types of pressure group in Nigeria?

In the previous year Nigeria has experience a set back in the name of pressure group, example The Niger Delta Militant.

When was Delta Delta Delta created?

Delta Delta Delta was created in 1888.

What is the equation for hydro static pressure?

P=P(atm)+Sq delta h= Kg/m

What is DPFE sensor?

Dpfe sensor is the delta (differential) pressure feedback egr (exhaust gas recirculation) it monitors the pressure on the egr valve to make sure it is working.

What causes the shower to go cold when toilet is flushed?

Pressure drop THUS you need a pressure balance type shower body such as a Delta monitor scald guard

What is delta delta delta?

Delta Delta Delta is a secret sorority/fraternity of a college someplace in America.

How do you fix the massive pressure on the motor causing the star delta motor to overload?

by adding a capacitor on the start winding

Was ist ein Delta?

'Was is ein Delta?' is 'What is a delta?' in English. river delta - (das) Flussdelta delta (the letter) - Delta

What is Delta Delta Delta's motto?

The motto of Delta Delta Delta is 'love one another'.