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What is the marine intellegince field?

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What field of science is marine biologist?

Marine Biology.

What are some jobs in the marine engineering field?

Some of the jobs in the Marine Engineering field are Ocean Engineer, Naval Architect, and Marine Technician. More information on Marine Engineering can be found on the website Marine Careers.

What are options for advancements in the field of marine biologists?

Uncategorized supervisor is one of the many advancements you can have in the marine biology field.

When was Deep Bay Marine Field Station created?

Deep Bay Marine Field Station was created in 2011.

Which is latest earning field?


When was Marine Corps Auxiliary Landing Field Bogue created?

Marine Corps Auxiliary Landing Field Bogue was created in 1942.

Who is Dr Ehsan Elahi Valeem?

He is an emerging Marine Scientist of Pakistan. Pakistan has produced a few Ph.Ds. in the field of Marine Biology. He is the 9th Ph.D. of Pakistan in the field of Marine Biology.

What are advancements for a marine biologist?

Biology Supervisor is a great advancement in the marine biology field! :)

What does a marine ranger do?

The same thing a Marine does. The Marine does not field any Ranger units, but they do send personnel to Ranger school.

What field is marine biology related to?


What is Rachel Carson's field of expertise?

Rachel Carson's field of expertise was marine biology. She earned her degree in marine biology from the Pennsylvania College for Women in 1929.

What branches of science connect to marine biology?

There are many branches of science that connect to marine biology like oceanography, botany, ecology, seismology, marine biotechnology, biomedical field and molecular biology. The marine biology field want people with researching backgrounds as well.

What was Jacgues Cousteau's Field of Contribution?

Marine Biology

What is the prospect of MARINE engineering?

A career in Marine Engineering is highly rewarding. Marine Engineering is a field which contributes towards creating Marine Vessels and all technical aspects related to it.

What field of science that studies sea animals?

Marine Biology.

Is it hard to be a marine biologist?

Marine biologists have to study hard to get into the competitive field. It may require relocating to areas near an ocean with lots of marine life and traveling.

Can you read books at Marine Corps Marine Combat Training School?

Most Field Manuals are considered to be acceptable leisure reading material.

How do you get into marine biology?

You must have a strong love for marine environments and be ready to work very hard. The field is very competitive and you must know that marine sciences is what you want to do. Taking marine based classes, swimming, and scuba are a few steps towards becoming a marine biology.

Does a marine biologist require you to go to college?

Yes, to be a marine biologist you will need to go to college and get at least a bachelor's degree; most marine biologists in the field have either a Master's or PhD as well.

How many years do you have to be in the field of marine biology until you can retire?

6 years

What does marine biology have to to with life science?

Life sciences study the whole field of living organisms; marine biology is a specialism within the field of life sciences that studies the group of living organisms that lives in salt water.

Who is John Stienbecks friend the famous marine biologist?

Ed Ricketts was the friend of John Steinbeck. He did studies on intertidal relationships in the field of marine biology. Steinbeck also did some marine biology research.

Which rank is at the Field Grade Officer level?

Typical army and marine field officer ranks include Colonel,Lieutenant Colonel, Major

What degree is required to be a marine biologist?

Most jobs in marine biology will require at minimum a Bachelor's degree in "marine biology or some related field". Some entry-level summer internship-type programs may accept students who are majoring in some field of science but do not yet have a degree, but the job title will likely be more along the lines of "laboratory assistant" than "marine biologist."

What kind of support staff is needed in marine biology?

Because marine biology involves ocean travel and a lot of teamwork, boat handlers, divers, zoologists, marine mammal observers, marine researchers, oceanographers, field biologists, environmental consultants, and marine mammal acoustic researchers are all examples of people that are part of a marine biologist staff.