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Bevo is the name of the mascot of the sports teams at the University of Texas at Austin, a Texas longhorn steer with burnt orange coloring. The shape of the Longhorn's head and horns gives rise to the school's hand symbol and saying, Hook 'em Horns. The current Bevo is fourteenth in the line of longhorns that have been the university's mascot.

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Q: What is the mascot for University of Texas?
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What is the Texas university mascot?

By Texas University I assume you mean the University of Texas. Their mascot is the Longhorns

What is the mascot of the Texas A and M University?

The mascot of the Texas A&M University is an American collie.

What is the mascot of Texas A and M University?

The Texas A&M mascot is a collie named Reveille.

What is the mascot for the University of Texas?

There are 15 colleges in the University of Texas system. Nine of these are general academic universities and have mascots. The following is the list of these nine schools and there corresponding mascots: # University of Texas at Arlington Mascot:Mavericks (Mascot named Blaze) # University of Texas at Austin Mascot:Longhorns (Mascot named Bevo) # University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College Mascot:Scorpions # University of Texas at Dallas Mascot:Comets (Mascot named Temoc) # University of Texas at El Paso Mascot:Miners (Mascot named Paydirt Pete) # University of Texas at San Antonio Mascot:Roadrunners (Mascot named Rowdy) # University of Texas at Tyler Mascot:Patriots # University of Texas of the Permian Basin Mascot:Falcons # University of Texas-Pan American Mascot:BroncosA Longhorn Beef Cow

What is the mascot of the university of Texas at Austin?


What is the san Marcos university's mascot?

The mascot of Texas State University (located in San Marcos) is the Bobcat.

What is the mascots name for the university of Texas?

The mascot for the University of Texas is a longhorn cow. His name is Bevo.

What is Texas state university's mascot?

the bearded dragons

What is the mascot for The University of Texas at El Paso?


What is the mascot for Texas southern university?

Tommy the tiger

What is the mascot of texas state university?

a black man

What is the mascot for the University of north Texas?

Scrappy the eagle.

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