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The Virginia Tech mascot is the hokie bird.

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the hokie

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Q: What is the mascot of the Virginia tech sports teams?
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What are some mascots starting with the letter H?

Herbie Husker is the official mascot for sport teams at the University of Nebraska. Hokie Bird is the official mascot for sports teams at Virginia Tech.

Why are Virginia tech and Virginia are rivals?

Thier sports teams. They are both good teams, so they often compete.

What collage sports teams are there in Virginia?

west virgina, virgina tech

What university's mascot is a hoki?

Virginia Tech

Does Virginia have a college sports team?

We have several!!! Va Tech, UVA, University of Richmond, Virginia Commonwealth University, and VMI are among several well know collegiate teams.

Which football teams play for the black diamond trophy?

Virginia Tech and West Virginia

What is the nickname of the sports teams of Georgia Tech?

Joyce Kilmer

What is available on the Hokie sports website?

The Hokie website offers news about the Virginia Tech sports teams. It also has a webstore where one can purchase tickets to the sporting events, pictures, the university's sports magazine, and also has auctions.

7 What is the nickname of the Virginia Tech sports team?

The Hoakies

What sports has Virginia Tech been ranked 1?


What is a populaur sports team in Va?

There are a few popular college teams like Virginia Tech and UVA, and there is a A Minor League Baseball team for the Washington Nationals (the Potomac Nationals), most teams nearby are in DC.

What year has Virginia Tech been ranked 1 sports?