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What is the mass of 1.23 moles of iron?

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The mass of 1.23 moles of iron is 58,69 g.

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How do you find moles in iron?

The molar mass of iron is 55,845 g.Moles of iron = mass of iron/55,845

What is the mass of 4.00 moles of iron?

The mass of 4,00 moles of iron is 223,38 g.

Calculate the number of moles in 112 g of iron?

Molar mass of iron is 56g. Given mass of iron= 112g No. of moles = Given mass/Molar Mass => 112g/56g= 2 moles

The mass of 0.10 moles of iron?

0.10 moles iron (55.85 grams/1 mole Fe) = 5.6 grams of iron ==============

What is the mass of 4 moles of iron?

4 mols Fe * 55.845(mass of iron)=223.38g

What is the mass of 0.200 moles of Fe?

Fe, or iron, has a molar mass of 55.845 grams per mole. This means that 0.2 moles is equal to 11.2 grams of iron.

How many moles are in 101.7 grams of iron?

A mole of an element is X grams of the element, where X is the number of the elements atomic mass. The atomic mass of iron is 55.85, so one mole of iron is 55.87 grams. Two moles of iron is 111.7 grams. 101.7 grams is 101.7/55.85 moles = 1.82 moles.

What is the mass of 2.25 moles of iron?

molar mass Fe = 55.845g/mol 2.25 moles Fe x (55.845g/mol) = 126g

Calculate moles of FeCl3?

Iron chloride has a molar mass of 162 grams per mole. To find the number of moles, divide the mass of the sample by the molar mass.

What mass of ironIIInitrate is needed for a chemical reaction that requires 6.00 moles of FeNO33?

The molecular mass of iron III nitrate is 241.86g/mol. Mass divided by molecular weight gives moles, which is 0.02481 moles (6/241.86)

How many moles are in 34.0 g of iron?

Given: The molar mass of Iron is 55.85g/mol Therefore, 34.0g x 1 mol/55.85g = 0.609 moles

How many moles of iron atoms are there in 56g of iron?

The atomic mass oof iron is 56a.m.u so 56g iron means 1 mole of iron.

How many moles are in 1.5 grams of iron?

To calculate the number of moles from grams, you must divide by the substance's molar mass

A piece of iron weighing 85.65 g was burned in air The mass of the iron oxide produced was 118.37 g use the molar mass of iron to convert the mass of iron used to moles?

okay, it does not tell us how much iron reacted with oxygen, so we assume that iron reacted completely. just convert grams iron used into moles. 85.65g Fe/55.85g Fe X 1 mole Fe = 1.534 moles Fe btw the empirical formula you should get is Fe3O4

Calculate the number of moles in 5.34 10 21 atoms of boron?

How many moles of iron atoms are contained in 4.09g of iron

Are 3 moles of gold heavier than 10 moles of iron?

Let's see. 3 moles gold (197.0 grams/1 mole Au) = 591 grams of gold ----------------------------- 10 mole iron (55.85 grams/1 mole Fe) = 558.5 grams of iron ----------------------------- So, 3 moles of gold has more mass that 10 moles of iron. (heavier)

What is the mass of 1.4 moles of Fe2O3?

The molar mass of Fe2O3 is 55.845 (molar mass of iron)*2+16(molar mass of oxygen)*3, which comes out to be 159.69 grams per mole. Multiply that by the number of moles, and the answer is 223.57 grams.

Calculate the mass in grams of 2.56x10-3 moles of Fe?

2.56 X 10^-3 moles iron (55.85 grams/1 mole Fe) = 0.143 grams of iron

Moles are there in 82.5 grams of iron?

For this you need the atomic mass of Fe. Take the number of grams and divide it by the atomic mass. Multiply by one mole for units to cancel.82.5 moles Fe / (55.9 grams) = 1.48 moles Fe

How do you convert mass to moles and moles to mass?

To convert mass to moles, you use the equation n= m/M n is moles, m is mass, M= Molar mass, which is the mass of the atoms in the formula or substance.

What conversion factor should be used to convert mass to moles and moles to mass?

This formula is: moles = mass of the compound/molar mass of the componnd

How do you convert molar mass into moles?

to convert mass into moles you divide by the molar mass. You cannot convert molar mass directly to moles.

How many moles of atoms are in 8.00g of 13C?

0.615 moles Because the 13 is Carbon's atomic mass so 13.0g/moles Moles=Mass/atomic mass Moles=8.00/13.0= 0.615 moles

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