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The mass of 2 moles of HgO is 433 g.

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The mass of 2 moles of HgO is 433g.

HgO has valency 2 .so,the roman numeral for HgO is: HgO(II)

The mass of 2 moles of CO2 is 88,02 g.

The mass of 2 moles of oxygen gas is 64 g.

The mass of 2 moles of carbon is 24,022 g.

The mass of 0.5 moles of H2 is 2 g.

number of moles = mass/molecular mass. = 24/12 = ~2 moles

So you have 2 moles of Chromium (Cr). Use equation moles=mass (in grams)/RMM. The bottom can be called Relative Molecular Mass (RMM), or Relative Atomic Mass (RAM) depending on the situation. Chances are you know it as Molar mass. You can call it that too. Using moles= mass (g)/RMM --> 2 moles = mass (g)/51.996 --> 2 x 51.996 = the mass in grams of Chromium --> 103.992g in 2 moles of Chromium.

# moles = mass / molar mass = 1.23g / 83.80g/mol =1.47x10^-2 moles There are 1.47x10^-2 moles in 1.23g of krypton

The mass of 7,346 moles of Ca(OH)2 is 544,3 g.

Mass of 2 moles of Na = 2 x atomic mass of Na = 2 x 23.0 = 46.0g

Multiply the number of moles by the relative molecular mass. mass of 2 moles of water = 2 mol x 18.0 g/mol = 36 g

by multiplying molar mass of that thing with the number of moles EG:- what is the mass of 2 moles of calsium sulphate? 2mol *136.14gmol-1 =272.28 g which means if one mole weight 136.14g(x) then 2 moles weight x*2 i

Molar mass of iron is 56g. Given mass of iron= 112g No. of moles = Given mass/Molar Mass => 112g/56g= 2 moles

mass=moles*mr so mass/mr=moles h=1 h2=2 + o= 16 2+16=18 mass =1 1/18

1 mole HgO = 216.59g HgO = 6.022 x 1023 molecules HgO 64.0g HgO x (1mol HgO/216.59g HgO) x (6.022 x 1023 molecules HgO/mol HgO) = 1.78 x 1023 molecules HgO

Two moles of CO2 have a mass of 88.01g.

Mass (g) = Mr * Moles If you rearrange it, you get Moles = Mass/Mr Working with a 2dp periodic table you get: Moles = 2/1.01 =1.98 There are 1.98 moles of hydrogen in 2g of H2 gas.

The molar mass of hydrogen is 2 g.

To convert mass to moles, you use the equation n= m/M n is moles, m is mass, M= Molar mass, which is the mass of the atoms in the formula or substance.

This formula is: moles = mass of the compound/molar mass of the componnd

to convert mass into moles you divide by the molar mass. You cannot convert molar mass directly to moles.

You divide 1.204x10^24 by avagadros number to get the amount of moles. Dividing by 6.022x10^23 gives you 2 moles. Moles is mass / molecular mass. The atomic mass of gold is 196.97g/mol so this is 393.94g.

0.615 moles Because the 13 is Carbon's atomic mass so 13.0g/moles Moles=Mass/atomic mass Moles=8.00/13.0= 0.615 moles

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