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What is the matching word to this definition an offer may be rescinded any time prior to?

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An offer to contract may be rescinded at any time prior to acceptance, where that includes any manifestation of assent that can be reasonably interpreted as acceptance of a particular agreement.

2015-03-03 16:07:45
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Q: What is the matching word to this definition an offer may be rescinded any time prior to?
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Can an employer rescind a raise?

The raise of an at will employee can be rescinded. If there is a contractural arrangement, you may offer a salary of less money. Notify employee prior to the end of the contract year to give the emoployee a chanced to look for other work if and when offer is refused.

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What is the principle behind the duration of an offer?

An offer is only open for a "reasonable" amount of time. What is reasonable is a question of fact for the fact finder in a trial (either the judge or jury). An offer can also be revoked at any time prior to acceptance or the beginning of performance.

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