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Michael Phepls' world record at 100 m butterfly is 49,82 sec. That means that his average speed is 7,23 km/h (4,5 mph).
The top speed of a butterfly swimmer is 7,79 km/h (4,87 mph) and the top speed of a crawl swimmer is 8,54 km/h (5,34 mph).
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Who is Michael Phelps?

Michael Phelps (born June 30, 1985) is a swimmer, a US Olympic athlete who won a record 8 gold medals at the Beijing Olympics in 2008. He has a total of 14 gold medals and holds 6 world records in swimming. In 2009, he was subject to extensive (and some feel undue) media coverage for a video showi ( Full Answer )

How much does Michael Phelps get paid?

No official amount he wins money and gets sponsored i know that at the 2008 Olympics he will get 1 Million from Speedo if he wins 7 gold medals

Is Michael Phelps British?

NO, He is swimming for Team USA and holds the record for most Gold Medals by one person. He is American.

What does Michael Phelps eat?

All i can say is that he has six meals a day and lets just say that they are not the healthest of meals. Breakfast: Three fried egg sandwiches with mayonnaise, cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes. Three chocolate chip pancakes. One Five Egg Omelet garnished with parsley. Three slices of French Toast with ( Full Answer )

What does Michael Phelps eat for lunch?

micheal phelps IS RUMORED to eat. "For breakfast : Three fried egg sandwichs loaded with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, fried onions and lots of mayonnaise. Two cups of coffee. One five egg omlet. One bowl of grits. Three slices of french toast topped with powdered sugar. And to top it of with three ch ( Full Answer )

Does Michael Phelps have ADHD?

While I was looking this up for myself, I found his mother's website that talks about his struggles with ADHD, so I would say "Yes." . yes he is. Yupp, He has ADHD that's why he does swimming, to use up all that energy . Many people think so. Usually people are born with this condition, they don ( Full Answer )

Where is Michael Phelps from?

He is from Towson, Maryland and after the Bejing games he bought ahouse in Baltimore, Maryland.

When did Michael Phelps start swimming?

Michael Fred Phelps II (born June 30, 1985) is a retired American swimmer and the most decorated Olympian of all time with 22 medals. Phelps began swimming at the age of seven, partly because of the influence of his sisters and partly to provide him with an outlet for his energy he got profession ( Full Answer )

What is the average speed of Michael Phelps at his quickest?

According to my calculations, It's around 8.5 minutes per Kilometer to 9.5 minutes per Kilometer.. I don't think this is even possible to achieve by running on land even.. That speed is about correct (i checked his time records), however that is just over 4 miles per hour. Sprinters can go faster ( Full Answer )

Is Michael Phelps a jerk?

Yes, he is. I know someone who was swimming at the same meet as him back in July and he was warming up in the same lane as him. He stopped at the wall during the warm up and the guy I know asked, "are you.." about to ask if he was going to continue or if he could go, but Michael interrupted him and ( Full Answer )

Does Michael Phelps have web feet?

hoonka loonka yeah carlos get a taco and go back to Mexico beanerrr and Micheal phelps kinda does i saw him yesterday, hoonka loonka carloooooooos.

How can you meet Michael Phelps?

For starters, don't stalk him As far as casually and safely attempting to run into him, this is my guess: It's probably too late, but: you could have tried to hang out by the pool at the University of Michigan for the last four years, but Phelps is done with college and supposedly moving back to his ( Full Answer )

How fast can Michael Phelps swim?

Michael Phelps can swim anywhere between 5.25 to 6 miles per hour.Michael Phelps has won 22 Olympic medals total.

Michael Phelps mother?

Michael Phelps mother is Debra (Debbie Phelps.) She went with him to the Beijing Summer Olympics and cheered him on in all of his swimming races.

What is Michael Phelps middle name?

Fred is Michael phelps middle name It's weird but it's is!! His full name is Michael Fred Phelps!! I know some of you might thinks it's Fredrick or things like that but it is NOT it is just FRED!

Where does Michael Phelps' father live?

Michael Phelp's father lives in Maryland. The two of them are not close, as they were separated when Michael was little. The separation was due to Michael's parents getting a divorce.

What is the sexual orientation of Michael Phelps?

he is not homosexual. No Michael Phelps has dated women in the past and has no publicstatements regarding his sexual orientation. YES You must be blind. Dating women that a good cover up Look aroundyou "

Where does Michael Phelps keep his medals?

His mom has all his medals. They are all in shadow boxes purchased at Hobby Lobby and displayed throughout her house in Baltimore, MD; manily in the bathrooms.

What is Michael Phelps moms religion?

she is of the Jehovah Witness Faith. she may knock on your door one day to see if she can save you.. don't open it, unless you want to learn how to swim better.

Is Michael Phelps a professional swimmer?

Michael Phelps is most definatley a profesional swimmer! Pro level is Olympics and Fina worlds etc. Michael Phelps is the best swimmer in history. Amazing preformances at the olympics. Proud =]

Does Michael Phelps get paid for his medals?

Olympic athletes get paid based on if they win a medal. For 2008, the payment schedule is: Gold: $25,000 Silver: $15,000 Bronze: $10,000 (Source: http://teamusa.org/content/index/894) Also, Michael Phelps had an agreement with his sponsor Speedo in which a $1 million bonus was includ ( Full Answer )

Michael Phelps used to dope?

as far as the world knows Michael phelps has never tested positive. during the Olympics he tests everyday, before he gets into the pool for practice.

Where does Michael Phelps train in the US?

he actually went to Michigan and trained there but now he is going to train back in Baltimore where he is from. University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

Michael Phelps adopted?

\nNo he's not adopted, he has 2 sisters that are/were also swimmers and a loving mother, however his father isn't a big part of his life (mother and father are divorced)

Did Michael Phelps finish college?

No, Michael Phelps did not finish college. He did attend for 4years but never actually obtained a degree in the end.

What size are Michael Phelps feet?

They're 14 in US units which corresponds to 48.8 in European units and 13.5 in UK units. I found this information in the Wikipedia English site: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Phelps

What is Michael Phelps favorite song?

His favorite songs include Lil Wayne(who actually made a song for him-Imma go getter), eminem, Outkast, and many more. He generally stays with the rap type theme to help him concentrate. His all time favorite song that he listened to at the Athens Olympics was Till I collapse my Eminem!

Is Michael Phelps a mama's boy?

Why is it when somebody does something outstanding, all the sad sacks climb out of the woodwork, and start running them down. Are they jealous, because this person has more go in their small toe nail clipping, then the sad sacks will ever have in their lifetime. The fact that this person has sacri ( Full Answer )

Does Michael Phelps have Marfans Syndrome?

According to an August 2008 article Phelps does not have Marfans Syndrome.. Tests cleared Phelps of Marfan syndrome at the time, but doctors have urged vigilance and the American star still undergoes annual check-ups for the disease.. Here is a link to full article:. http://www.theage.com.au/ne ( Full Answer )

Who is Michael Phelps girlfiend?

Ashley Finestone is Micheal Phelps girlfriend. They have been dationg for two years. They like to keep their relationship out of the spotlight, and have basically been private since they began dating.

Is there a picture of Michael Phelps feet?

Michael Phelps is an American swimmer as well as the most decoratedOlympian of all time. He has 18 Olympic gold medals. MichaelPhelps's feet are pictured on the internet.

Why did Michael Phelps choose swimming?

His sisters influenced him into swimming. He was introduced to swimming when he was young by his sisters, and he thoroughly enjoyed it. He chose swimming because it was his main hobby, and something he wanted to do with his life.

Where did Michael Phelps graduate college?

Between 2004 and 2008, Phelps attended the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan , studying sports marketing and management. He hasn't graduated yet.

Is lebron James vo2 max higher than Michael Phelps vo2 max?

It is very likely that James Vo2 max is higher than Michael Phelps when measured on treadmill, but, while swimming Michael Phelps VO2 max will be higher. VO2 max is affected by many factors like training, efficiency, age, test protocols, athlete's training cycle period, sickness, etc. However, due t ( Full Answer )

Why is Michael Phelps famous in swimming?

Why is Michael Phelps famous?!?! Where were you during the 2008 Summer Olympics?!?! He is the most decorated Olympian because he won 8 gold medals and broke 7 world records in Beijing. He now has about 16 career medals.

Is Michael Phelps in the hall of fame?

Michael Phelps is not in the Olympic hall of fame yet, i think it takes years to be entered because some people who were entered this year competed in the 1980s and 1990s

Did Michael Phelps get his teeth fixed?

Yes, he had braces when he was about 12. Michael Phelps has Marfan Syndrome. One of the symptoms of the disease is a high palate and crowded teeth. He also has a life-expectancy of less than 60 years. Your question is shallow and insensitive. Grow up.

What is Michael Phelps' Olympic history?

Micheal Phelps has won 16 Olympic medals. -6 gold, 2 bronze (Athens 2004) -8 gold (Beijing 2008) He is the most successful athlete at both of these Olympics. He has twice tied the record for most gold at any Olympic Games. He holds the record for most gold at a single Olympic Game at 8 be ( Full Answer )

Why did Michael Phelps retire?

Because he knows that he is getting too old for the sport, and because he wanted to end his career having the most medals of any Olympian and he succeeded. Most people, including me, believe that within the next four years he will become bored and be in the Rio 2016 summer games.