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You can usually withdraw any amount up to the balance in your account. You can do this by just visiting your bank branch and submitting a withdrawal request. But, if you are using an ATM, there are daily withdrawal and cash dispensing limits and hence the amount you can get might be limited to your bank balance or the daily withdrawal limit. Usually this withdrawal limit is Rs. 25000 or Rs. 50000 depending on the bank and your account type.


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it is a card which is given to internet banking customers those who are having transaction rights. min amt is Rs100.00 and max amt is rs 50000.00. maximum validity period is 48 hours.

numbervar RmVal:=0; numbervar Amt:=0; numbervar pAmt:=0; stringvar InWords :="Rupees "; Amt := numeric value ; if Amt > 10000000 then RmVal := truncate(Amt/10000000); if Amt = 10000000 then RmVal := 1; if RmVal = 1 then InWords := InWords + " " + towords(RmVal,0) + " crore" else if RmVal > 1 then InWords := InWords + " " + towords(RmVal,0) + " crores"; Amt := Amt - Rmval * 10000000; if Amt > 100000 then RmVal := truncate(Amt/100000); if Amt = 100000 then RmVal := 1; if Amt 1 then InWords := InWords + " " + towords(RmVal,0) + " lakhs"; Amt := Amt - Rmval * 100000; if Amt > 0 then InWords := InWords + " " + towords(truncate(Amt),0); pAmt := (Amt - truncate(Amt)) * 100; if pAmt > 0 then InWords := InWords + " and " + towords(pAmt,0) + " paisa only" else InWords := InWords + " only"; UPPERCASE(InWords)

Umm, you should go back to the ATM yes, but if it is not there then you might need too go too the bank and get it a new credit card.

AMT Coffee was created in 1992.

The FDIC extended the $250,000 limit to December 31, 2013. After that date, it will go back to the original $100,000.

AMT is a specific drug, it stands for (Alpha- Methyltryptamine).

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how much are the initial dues for joining the amt

If you are in the US you don't write the manager. Go to the bank and add your father to your account. He will get checks and AMT at that point. If there isn't an account open one and he will get the checks and card.

For the year 2010 the maximum amount paid in to the old age survivors and disability insurance program (SSB) with one employee would be wages of 106800 and social security amount withheld would be 6621.60 for the year 2010.

Affecting over 26 million families, the ARRA extends AMT tax relief for the 2009 tax year. Specifically, it increases the AMT exemption amount to $70,950 for joint filers and $46,700 for individuals.Click here to fill out the 2009 AMT Tax Reliefform

cash a/c.......dr amt(after discount) to sales a/c amt(after discount)

#include<stdio.h> #include<conio.h> #include<stdlib.h> #include<math.h> void main() { float amt,bal=0,min=500,cor; char name[50]; int ch,ano; clrscr(); printf("\nDetails of new account holder"); printf("\nEnter the Name:"); scanf("%s",name); printf("\nEnter your account number maximum 4digit:"); scanf("%d",&ano); printf("\n\tThank you %s.\n\tYour account is created t oour bank.",name); printf("\nMinimun account balance Rs.500"); do { printf("\n\t1.Deposite\n\t2.Withdrawal\n\t3.Balance enqiury\n\t4.Exit" ); printf("\nEnter your chioce:"); scanf("%d",&ch); switch(ch) { case 1: printf("\nEnter the amount to deposite:"); scanf("%f",&amt); bal=bal+amt; printf("\nYour transaction is successful.amount debited your acount"); break; case 2: printf("\nEnter the amount to withdrawal:"); scanf("%f",&amt); cor=bal-amt; if(cor>=min) { printf("\nThe amount credited your account"); bal=bal-amt; } else { printf("\nThe Minimun balance is to low"); } break; case 3: printf("\nYour Account balance is:%.2f",bal); break; case 4: printf("\nThe transaction is close"); exit(0); } }while(ch<=4); getch(); }

if 5.5year fixed deposit amt 5000 on 17.01.2012 than the customer withdraw thier amt before maturity date @5% per aanum so, hou many amt he can receive

the earths crust consists of large amt of igneous rocks ,along with smaller amt of sedimentary and metamorphie rocks.

In a word YES any difference in the amt. of loan and amt. lender recovers can still be collected.

Like all taxes, it is absolutely situational...I would suspect that the overwhelming percent of music producers don't pay AMT at all. (And of course, AMT if applicable, does become a credit toward future regular tax anyway). No income tax is determined by the field/profession of the tax payer. It is all, always, addressed as a matter of taxable income (and in this case amt taxable income). AMT is short for Alternative Minimum Tax.

Like all taxes, it is absolutely situational...I would suspect that the overwhelming percent of peditricians (or anyone) don't pay AMT at all. (And of course, AMT if applicable, does become a crdit toward future regular tax anyway).

AMT went out of businees and was bought by another company that kept the name. They only make pistols.

The symbol for Nuveen AMT-Free Municipal Income Fund in the NYSE is: NEA.

The symbol for Nuveen AMT-Free Municipal Value Fund in the NYSE is: NUV.

the main problem of economy is that there is sufficent amt. of goods & services &every 1 wants to use it to satisfy their greed which is unlimited from it the problem is how to use it to get the maximum profit from it & still leave it to for coming generation.

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