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Based on your question, I will assume that there is nearly no elevation difference between the pool and the pump locations.

Given this, the only factor in the max pipe length of a horizonal run is the friction of the water on the pipes.

In this application, your pump has to do two jobs:

1) move enough water through your pool for effective filtering (in Gallons per Minute)

2) move water horizontally through the pipes

Without knowing the size of your pool it is hard to estimate the required flow rate for effective filtration, but I will assume that 40 Gal/min (GPM)is adequate (probably more than adequate, but I don't want to give you an answer that doesn't give you enough flow). The required flow rate for proper filtration depends heavily on the type and size of filter you are using.

Now, we need to know the pressure and flow rate data for your pump. I will use a Hayward 1HP Model 1580 Power Flo pump as an example:

This pump will flow 40 GPM at a head pressure of about 45 feet using 1.5" PVC pipe.

Therefore, the remaining question is how far can you run the pipe if you have 48 ft of head pressure available?

Using standard friction tables for standard diameter pipes tells me that you would lose about 6 ft of head pressure for every 100 feet of distance (for 1.5" PVC).

Therefore, the max distance that you could pump would be about 800 horizontal feet (48 divided by 6 = 8 and then 8 x 100). Remember that this is a round trip, so the pump and pool could be located about 400 feet apart.

Even at this distace, you should still have more than adequate pressure for proper filtration flow.

Just to give you an idea of the tradeoffs, if you were able to maintain proper filtration with a flow rate of 20 GPM, then you could have the pool and pump twice as far apart (800 ft).


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Q: What is the maximum distance you can run a 1hp pump and gas heater to a above ground pool and still have it function efficiently?
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