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Q: What is the maximum number of electrons that an atomic orbitals can contain?
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What is maximum numder of electrons that an atomic orbital can contain?

An atomic orbital can contain a maximum of two electrons.

Maximum number of electrons in the p orbital?

The maximum number of electrons in the p orbitals of each atomic "shell" is 6.

What are atomic orbitals? Atomic orbitals are cloud like structures around the nucleus of an atom that contain the atoms electrons. There are s, p, d, and f orbitals. S contain up to 2 electrons, P contain up to 6 electrons, d contain up to 10 electrons, and f contain up to 14 electrons. These orbitals have electrons containing different amounts of energy, and it is possible for electrons to jump to and from different orbitals. When this happen energy either needs to be added or released. The number of orbitals present in an atom is completely dependent on the number of electrons present in the atom.

IN a xenon atom which atomic orbitals contain the valence electrons?

5p, 5s

Does the nucleus contain neutrons and electrons?

No the nucleus contains neutrons and protons. Electrons surround the nucleus in atomic/molecular "orbitals".

What types of atomic orbitals are in the first principal energy level?

The s suborbital. Can contain only 2 electrons.

What is the difference between the electrons in atomic orbitals and molecular orbitals?

In molecular orbitals electrons "move" across the whole molecule and in an atomic orbital they move around a single atom.

In a bromine atom which atomic orbitals contain the valence electrons?

What is the last orbital fill in bromine atom? 4p , 4s

Which element has 28 electrons in its atomic orbitals?


What is the path of electrons around an atomic nucleus?

Depending on the theory that is being looked at, electrons are in a cloud or shells around the nucleus. The Boer model will be looked at. Electrons are in shells around the nucleus however these shells are different shape depending on the section of the periodic table they are located. The oribitals are s, p, d, and f. 's' orbitals (groups one and two) are spherical containing a maximum of only two electrons. 'p' orbitals are 'dumbbell' shape and contain up to 6 electrons, this is groups 3 to 8. 'd' orbitals are the transition metals and can contain up to 10 electrons. 'f' orbitals are the Lanthanoids and Actinoids.

What are orbitals in chemistry?

Atomic orbitals are the regions of Space that surround the nucleus of an atom, and where electrons 'repose' in their orbits. The 1S & 2S & 1,2,3 P orbitals are best viewed - to be understood - as Shells. The 1S orbital - innermost shell - may contain a max. of 2 electrons.

What is the orbitals outside of the nucleus?

The "orbitals" round an atomic nucleus are electrons, in anti matter they are protons

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