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There is no limit. The only real limit that would come even close is curfew. I remember as a kid (70's/80's), I believe it was the Tigers that the Tribe was playing, it was a really long extra inning game, and at either 1:00 or 2:00 am they stopped the game. (Both are Eastern time.) Though I believe, they finished out that game the next day before starting the new one. Kind of like an abbreviated double-header. So even that's not really a limit.

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Q: What is the maximum number of foul ball possible in one at-bat?
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What is the number on the house bowling ball?

The number on a house ball represents its weight in pounds. Bowling balls can range from 6 to a maximum of 16 lbs.

In a game volleyball the maximum number of hits a team may have before they send the ball over the net is?

The maximum amount of time you" can" hit the ball before it has to go over the net is 3 times.

Can a batter decline taking first base and continue his atbat after being hit by a pitched ball?

No he or she can not continue batting. Once a player is hit by a pitch, they are automatically given first base and that ends their at bat.

What is the maximum number of passes before the ball must be sent over the net in a volleyball game?


What is the maximum number of time a team canhit the ball before it goes over the net?

3 times

How many players can play golf?

In a single group the maximum number of players playing their own ball is four. You can have a one, two, three or four ball.

Maximum speed of a soccer ball?

147mph after this the ball will burst

What is the maximum diameter of a golf ball?

The maximum diameter of a golf ball is 1.680 inches. In professional golf a ball can not weigh more than 1.620 ounces.

After the ball is thrown. where is the point of maximum potential energy?

there is no potential energy when a ball is thrown its kinetic energy but the maximum point would be when the ball is still

What is the maximum number of runs a batsman can score off one ball?

Unlimited, sloppy defending combined with overthrows!

A ball is thrown straight up into the air at what position is its gravitational potential energy maximum?

when the ball reaches its maximum height , at that instant or at that point the gravitational potential energy is maximum.

What is the weight of a golf ball?

Maximum weight of a golf ball: 1.62 ounces

How many maximum runs a batsman can run hitting a ball without boundaries?

a batsman can score any number of runs by running.

What is the maximum diameter of a billiard ball?

This depends upon what game and where you are playing. In the US, the maximum diameter allowed for a pocket billiards ball is 2.255 inches.

What is a golf balls mass or weight in ounces?

The maximum mass of a golf ball is 1.620 ounce. The maximum mass of a golf ball is 1.620 ounce.

Is it possible for a ball moving in foul territory to become a fair ball?

yes it is possible.

What is the highest weight of a bowling ball?

The maximum weight a bowling ball can be is sixteen pounds.

How much mass does a golf ball have?

The maximum mass for a golf ball is 45.93 grams.

Is it possible for an object to have acceleration and no velocity?

It's possible for an object to have velocity equals to zero at some moment and to have some acceleration (when you throw a baseball upwards with the gravitation present, the ball reaches its maximum point and then starts to come back at its maximum height its velocity is zero while acceleration equals g).

How many maximum runs can a batsman get in one no ball?

12 runs No ball 6 + ball played for bowling no ball again 6

How far is it possible to hit a tennis ball with a tennis racquet?

It depends how strong you are but I'm guessing if you are quite strong probably estamating 80-120 meters maximum.

What is acceleration at maximum height of ball thrown vertically upward?

At the maximum height the ball will be completely stopped from moving upward or downward; thus the speed of the ball would be 0 mph. The ball is only stopped for a split second and then it begins moving downward, then increasing at 9.81m/s^2 until it reaches maximum velocity.

What is the kinetic energy of a ball at its maximum height?

0 is the ball is bouncing straight up and down.

Is it possible to get a GS Ball in Pokemon SoulSilver?

yes it is possible but Japan chose the wifi gs ball

In cricket stump out is possible in a no ball?

As per the international standard cricket Yes, stump out is possible both on a wide ball as well as a no ball and bowncy and pathar pather ball.