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Talk to the mortgage officer of the bank. The bank is interested in "having names" on the mortgage to assure the bank that the bank will be repaid for the money that it loaned. The laws of the state may have a bearing. In some states, an unmarried couple can share responsibility. In other states, they can't. Be careful when you "get too many names" on the mortgage. It leads to bickering in the event of a non payment. It complicates things when the house is to be sold and the mortgage retired. Get some legal and tax advice on this. Be careful. Mike B

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Q: What is the maximum number of people that can get a mortgage on one house?
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Can two people take out a mortgage loan to buy a house?


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No I do not have a mortgage from AARP Reverse Mortgage because I am not 100 years old. That is for old people who need money and do not need their house any longer because they will be dieing soon.

Can a house be placed into a trust if it has a 2nd mortgage on it?

The number of mortgages on a property has no impact on the owner's ability to put the house in a trust.

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In all the years i have owned a house, in 4 different states, i have deducted ALL of my mortgage interest for the 1st 15 years on a 30 year mortgage. Answer 2 There is a limit as the size of the mortage goes above $1.1m. check with our financial advisor

What does bad credit mortgage rate mean?

A bad credit mortgage is sometimes called a sub prime mortgage. It is for people with low credit rating who wish to purchase a house. Due to the risk of lending to such people, the rate will be slightly higher.

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Who is responsible for a mortgage if the owner dies before its paid off and the house is left to her son in a will?

The mortgage should be paid by the remaining estate. If there is not enough cash left to pay off the mortgage, the house can be sold and the mortgage paid at closing, or if the mortgage is assumable, the son may take on the mortgage as his own debt and keep the house.

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Don't Buy Until You Have a 25% Down Payment?

When you are interested in buying a new house, if you are like most people, you will need to take out a mortgage. What people may not be aware of is that with a conventional mortgage if you don't put down at least 20% of the cost of the house, you will have to pay for expensive mortgage insurance. To avoid paying this insurance, you should not consider buying a house until you are sure you can come up with at least a 25% down payment. Not only will you avoid mortgage insurance, but, you'll probably get a better deal on the mortgage.

What should I do with my dead father's house he left a mortgage on the house?

Unless you were a co-signer or legally part of the purchase process on either the house or the mortgage, you have no legal responsibility to pay back the mortgage in part or in full. If the house with the mortgage was willed to you, I would consult your family lawyer for help.

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