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You can sell 6 cars a year with no sales lic.

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Q: What is the maximum numbers of vehicles a private party can sell in California in one year without a dealer's license being required?
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How many cars required to retail in texas for a retail license?

If you sell over 4 vehicles you must have a dealers license in Texas.

Do you have to be a citicen to get a dealers license?

What kind of dealers license? To sell cars or vehicles, to deal cards etc.

Do you have to have a WA auto dealer license to buy or sell in WA?

You can sell up to 4 vehicles a year without being required to have a dealers license.

Do auto dealers need to have a license to sell vehicles?

Yes, auto dealers do need to have a license to sell vehicles to the public. They cannot sell vehicles legally without being licensed by the state they are in.

How many vehicles can you sell in Maine without a dealers license?

You can sell 4 in a 12 month period without a dealers license. Sell that 5th vehicle and you need a dealers license.

Is a license required to own a pellet gun in California?

No, no license is required for California

How many cars can you sell per year in Illinois without needing a dealers license?

You can sell up to 4 vehicles without a dealers license.

How many vehicles can you sell in Arizona without a dealers license?

The state of Arizona will let you sell four vehicles annually without a dealer license.

Can you get a car dealers license in California without a car lot?


How many vehicles can you sell in Illinois without a dealers license?

5 per fiscal year

How to buy cars legally to export without registering vehicles and paying taxes.?

If you wish to export vehicles and don't want to register vehicles and pay taxes every time you buy them you have to have a dealers license. For exporters a wholesale dealers license is the best tool you can have to purchase as many cars as you can move without paying taxes.

Can you get an alcohol tobacco firearms license in California?

Yes. Otherwise, there could be no legal gun dealers, collectors, manufacturers or gunsmiths in California. Dealers, manufacturers, and gun smiths must- by FEDERAL law, hold a license issued by the BATFE.

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