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to calculate the recommended occupancy for any boat under 20ft:

length times width divided by 15

L x W / 15 = Maximum occupancy

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How much does a voyager mk2 fiberglass boat weight?

1 tonne

Is fiberglass panel on a boat hull fireproof?

Fiberglass is actually very flammable.

How do you paint a fiberglass boat?

You can spray paint a fiberglass boat with oil-based paint. This paint can be sealed off with a waterproof sealant.

How is a fiberglass boat better than a wooden one?

I would think a fiberglass boat is better than a wooden boat because a wooden one can rot and would be hevy to move weres the fiberglass boat wont rot and is light so would be easy to move.

What cleaning supplies should be used on a fiberglass boat?

A sponge and some fiberglass sealers works the best on a fiberglass boat. There are other fiberglass cleaning material available depending on what your particular need is. For just basic cleaning, I would go with the sponge and fiberglass sealer.

What does a boat's capacity plate designate?

The maximum number of persons and weight the boat should Carry

What does a boats capacity plate indicate?

The maximum number of persons and weight the boat should carry

What is the maximum outboard rating for a 16' center console boat?

the max hp for a 16 footer is about a 115 hp it depends on the weight of the boat, the material that the boat is made and the weight that the transom can carry. if you know the boat brand you can go to the place that makes the boat or you can look it up on there website.

How does a fiberglass boat float?

A boat floats by keeping water outside, regardless of any material

When was the first fiberglass boat made?

1937 by Ray Greene

Fiberglass for boats?

Vietnam War PBR's were built of fiberglass; they worked fine. That's the boat in the film Apocalypse Now.

Which is heavier fiberglass boats or aluminum boats?

It would depend on the construction of the craft, but as a general rule, the fiberglass boat will be heavier.

Suppose you have a 19 foot boat. What information will be shown on your boats capacity plate?

A boat's capacity plate contains several pieces of important information. First, it states the maximum passenger weight that can be carried in pounds. Second, it shows the maximum weight the boat can carry of any sort (people, boat accessories and gear). Third, it states the highest horsepower load the boat can have.

Can you use muriatic acid to clean paint stain on a fiberglass boat?


How many people will a 20 ft pontoon boat hold?

This depends on the boat itself, length alone is not the determining factor. Every boat should have a specification plate on the right side of the transom (the rear board of the boat that the motor or sterndrive is attached to). This plate gives the model and serial number of the boat. It also included the maximum number of people or maximum weight of people and gear. It is important to respect the max weight for the stability of the boat at all speeds.

What is the make and year of a sears boat model 617.601012?

This is a 12', fiberglass over foam, 3 man fishing boat made in the early 1970's ( which is when my dad bought his)( unsure how long this boat was sold through Sears). The maximum engine HP is 10. Dad had said that he was told that Boston Whaler made this boat for Sears.

What is the average weight of a 16 ft runabout boat?

My 16' fiberglass runabout (Larson Flyer 15' 11") is listed with a weight of 1080 lbs. The 110 HP outboard on it adds a listed 320 lbs to that. I always thought it to be heavier than the weight of a like aluminum runabout. In checking specs on line I find that all aluminum runabouts of this size that I could find listed had a weight of about 400 - 700 lbs more than the weight of my fiberglass boat. All of these weights are finished boats that is ready for the water. Fuel, people, extra gear and equipment weight is not included.

Maximum speed of a boat?

180 miles per hour is the maximum boat speed registered

What is the most important safety information on a boat's capacity plate?

The maximum weight and/or number of people the boat can carry safely.

Who built Sears 170 fiberglass boat model 65173?

I'm not certain about the Sears 17' boat,however my dad owned a 1968 Sears 15' fiberglass boat,and it was made by a company called Arkansas Traveler.I've been told Arkansas Traveler is out of bussiness,

Who made 1968 Sears and Roebuck fiberglass boats?

Elgin boat company

What is a boat made of?

Boats can be made of wood, fiberglass, metal or a combination thereof.

Can you stretch a fibreglass boat hull?

No. Once fiberglass is set, it cannot be altered.

How do you calculate fiberglass boat weight?

It would be much easier to determine the weight of the water it displaces, if you are unable to place the boat on a scale. Place the boat in the water, mark the water line on the hull. Remove the boat from the water and measure the dimensions or volume of the hull below the water line. then multiply this dimension by the density of water, 62.4 lbs/ cu. ft. (or 1 Kg/dM). The result will be the empty weight of your boat. for instance a flat bottomed boat, 18 ft long, with a 6 foot beam, drafting 4 inches will displace approximately 36 cu. ft. of water this corresponds to a weight of 2220 lbs.

What is the difference between displacement and hull weight on s sail boat?

Displacement: The weight of the water the boat displaces. Hull weight: The weight of the hull of the boat

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