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The maximum speed for cycling is estimated to be around 9.6 mph.

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Maximum speed of a 747?

The maximum speed of a 747 is Mach 0.92.

What is the maximum speed of USB 2.0?

The maximum speed of USB 2.0 is 480Mbps

What is the difference between cruise speed and maximum speed?

cruise speed is when you're cruising, maximum speed is when your going hella fast

What is the connection between slow cycling and rapid cycling?

Cadence and average speed dictate the difference, however rapid vs slow refer's to a cycling cadence (RPM)

What is the maximum speed of an electromagnetic wave?

The maximum speed of an electromagnetic wave is commonly held to be equal to the speed of light.

Maximum transfer speed for 802.11?

54 Mbps is the maximum transfer speed of 802.11

What is the maximum speed a 1995 Geo Tracker can reach?

the maximum speed is around 89

What sports use speed?

running,swimming, cycling and football

Can the average speed ever exceed the maximum speed for a trip?

No, the average speed will always be between the minimum and maximum speeds.

When a football kicked reaches its maximum height how does its speed compare to its initial speed?

When it's at its maximum height its speed will be zero.

Maximum speed of a boat?

180 miles per hour is the maximum boat speed registered

What is the maximum speed of Renault Logan 2008?

The maximum speed is around 175 km/h.

What is the maximum speed of light?

The maximum speed of light is its speed in vacuum. That's 299,792,458 meters (186,282 miles) per second.

What is the maximum data speed of high-speed USB 2.0?

The maximum data speed for a high-speed USB 2.0 is usually 480 Mbps.

What is the maximum driving speed in a residential area?

The maximum speed is the posted limit. If there is no posted limit, the maximum speed is set by the local or county government based on the laws of the specific state.

What is the maximum speed for thinnet coax?

Thinnet coax is 10base2, which gives a maximum speed of 10 Mbps

What is the maximum speed of a CH-53D helicopter?

Their maximum speed is listed as 315 km/h.

Maximum speed of a bullet train?

the maximum speed for a train is the maglev in japan 581 km/h

What was the maximum knot speed of the titanic?

Titanic's maximum knot speed was 24 knots per hour

How long does it take to bicycle 10 miles?

Depends on the speed your cycling at...

What games does Clara Hughes?

Speed skating in the winter and Cycling in the summer

Does the speed of light change in a vacuum?

No, not as long as the light stays in vacuum.No, it does not. That is where it has its maximum speed.

What will be the maximum velocity produced while the car moving in the maximum speed?

maximum torque

What is the speed for airbus a380?

Maximum speed is 634 mph. Maximum cruise speed is 587 mph. max cruising speed = .85 MACH max design speed = .96 MACH

What is the maximum speed of a space shuttle?

The maximum speed the space shuttle can attain is about 30,000 K MPH in atmosphere.