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What is the maximum towing capacity of a 1984 Chevrolet Suburban K20 350 automatic 4x4 3.73 rear Class IV receiver?



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well im assuming its a 350v8 and a three speed auto whether its a 350 or 400 auto im not sure, u didnt say whether the 350 was a l or m series the difference is roughly 30-40hp, but id say u can safely tow anywhere from 7500lbs to 9500lbs count the number of rear leaf springs 5leafs around 7500 7leafs 8500-9500 also check howlong the spring is their are two types 52 in and 56 in 52 in keep the before stated towing capicity if 56in add 500lbs due to their ability to bettter spread the weight and sway control