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well im assuming its a 350v8 and a three speed auto whether its a 350 or 400 auto im not sure, u didnt say whether the 350 was a l or m series the difference is roughly 30-40hp, but id say u can safely tow anywhere from 7500lbs to 9500lbs count the number of rear leaf springs 5leafs around 7500 7leafs 8500-9500 also check howlong the spring is their are two types 52 in and 56 in 52 in keep the before stated towing capicity if 56in add 500lbs due to their ability to bettter spread the weight and sway control

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How much refrigerant for 1996 suburban with rear ac?

pretty sure 4lbs. 6 oz. check receiver/dryer if original will have r134 label with capacity

Are the serial numbers different on receiver and barrel on a browning double automatic?

They should not be.

Where do you find serial numbers on browning sweet 16 automatic?

Check the barrel and receiver.

What is The transmission capacity of a communications channel?

The transmission capacity is based on a formula describing the power between a transmitter and a receiver. The ratio of these two numbers and the formula describes the capacity of the channel.

Why was it important for the receiver of memory to have the capacity to see beyond?

because he holds all the memories

Where do you find the model number on a Browning 16 gauge semi automatic shotgun?

ojn the bottom of the receiver

What are 5 qualities must a receiver have from the giver?

intelligence, integrity, courage, wisdom, and the capacity to see beyond

can anyone tell you what a Belgium 22 caliber automatic rifle with engravings of woohchuck's on one side of the receiver and squirrell's on the other with ducks engraved on top of the receiver conditi?

50-650 usd

Where is the fuel pump located on a 1994 Chevrolet Suburban 1500?

It is underneath on the frame just forward of the gas tank. ANOTHER ANSWER: It is my understanding that the Chevrolet and GMC trucks ALL had the fuel pumps inside the tank. The fuel filters are inside the frame, forward of the tank and the fuel pump fuse is under the hood, on the passenger side of the firewall just above the AC receiver/dryer can. I stand corrected as I had fuel filters on my mind. I apologize for the error.

Where is the serial number on a 12 gauge Belgian-made Browning 5-round automatic?

On the bottom of the receiver

What makes automatic the ar-15?

The lower receiver will be configured so that the weapon can be fired in full auto or burst.

What is the weight class rating on oem Toyota highlander receiver hitch?

The maximum towing capacity is 3,000 pounds.

What are the several qualities the Receiver must possess in the Giver?

IntelligenceWisdomCourageIntegrityThe Capacity to See Beyond

What is the age and value of a 16 gauge savage model 755A semi-automatic serial598796 with engraving on the receiver?

Around $250

Where can you find the serial number on a Winchester 22 semi automatic model number 190 made in US?

check the barrel and receiver.

What are the five attributes that a person needs to have to be a receiver in the book the giver?

intellegence, integrity, courage, wisdom, and capacity to see beyond.

In The Giver what is the Capacity to see beyond?

the ability to see color because no one besides the receiver can see color and music

What are the 5 qualities for being a receiver from the book the giver?

intelligence, integrity, courage, ability to aquire wisdom, and "Capacity to See Beyond"

What does the receiver do in 'The Giver'?

The Receiver holds all the memories of pleasure and pain. People look up to The Receiver for advice because he has a lot of wisdom since he has all the memories. Also, the 5 requirements to be Receiver is courage, integrity, intelligence , wisdom , and capacity to see beyond. Nobody wants to have these memories because they want sameness and they can't bare the sensitivity and pain of it. They want the community to be same and safe. So basically, The Receiver is the holder of memories.

What is the towing capacity of a 2001 Tacoma truck?

3000 lbs on the bumper ball mount or 5000 on an actual receiver hitch that mounts to the frame.

What are the 5 requirements Jonas needed to possess to become a Receiver in the book the Giver?

IntelligenceWisdomCourageIntegrityCapacity to See Beyond

Why was Jonas chosen to be in the Receiver of Memory in the book The Giver?

He had the five requirements that they were looking for: courage, integrity, intelligence, wisdom, and capacity to see beyond.

What are the major parts of a pistol?

Depends on the pistol- there are multiple designs. In the case of a semi-automatic, it will generally consists of the receiver (frame) barrel, lockwork, magazine and grips. sells a m-16 full auto and burst fire sear and disconnector isn't that illegal?

Anyone can buy the M16 small parts - but it is illegal to use them to create a fully automatic weapon without the correct NFA paperwork. Adding these parts to a semi-automatic AR15 will not make it fully automatic, and some parts will not fit the semi-automatic lower receiver at all.

In The Giver what is the receiver-in-training?

In "The Giver", when a Twelve is selected to become the new Receiver, he or she is called the Receiver-in-training because he or she is being trained by the current Receiver to become the new Receiver. The Receiver-in-training may refer to the current Receiver as the Giver instead of the Receiver, since technically the Receiver-in-training is the new Receiver.

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