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It's 120kg 220 pounds

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Q: What is the maximum weight on a ripstik?
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What is the weight limit on a ripstik air?

Weight limit on all currently available ripstik boards is 220lbs.

What is the weight for the ripstick?

The most weight you should put on a ripstik is about 220 pounds

How are the ripstik caster board and the ripstik air different?

The RipStik AIR is meant for those serious about catching major air! The light weight, single-piece design makes this the ultimate RipStik!The RipStik Classic is the original. It's for those that like to keep it real and just have fun while cruisin' around.

How do you turn a ripstik into a ripstik G?

Well you turn a ripstik in to a ripstik G byputing a grind bar in the middle

Which ripstik is best?

The best Ripstik is somewhat a matter of opinion but the Ripstik Air is one of the most popular. The Ripstik Razor is also considered to be an excellent choice.

I want a ripstik that is smooth fast and has good turning Should I get a ripstik air or a ripstik ripster?


Is the hi tide like a ripstik?

No. Ripstik is better.

Do ripstik dlx faceplates fit on a normal ripstik?

The RipStik DLX deck plates are the exact same size as any other RipStik deck plate. They can be used on the original RipStik and the RipStik G models. For more information and other replacement parts go to

Which ripstik is better?

The Ripstik G is the best quality one and the Ripstik Air is good too. It doesn't really matter since all of them do the same thing. But if you want a good one, get the Ripstik G or Ripstik Air.

Is the Ripstik Air harder to carve on than the Ripstik?

not really

How long is a Ripstik Classic?

22 inches same as the ripstik air.

Is ripstik air better or ripstik g?

da ripstik air is stupid it cant go 360 only the g can. buy the g.

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