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What is the meaning and significance of the many symbols on 50 Cent's album?

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What is 50 cents second album?

His second album is "The Massacre".

What significance does the cover of the Killers album Hot Fuss have?

Reportedly, the buildings are from a construction factory in Shanghai, China. There are faint, indistinct Chinese symbols in glowing red neon on top of each building glowing in red neon meaning "Constructive", "Material", "Open" and "Distribute". Their collective meaning is "construction material development" as read in Chinese.

What is the significance of the phrase the sun and the moon the wind and the rain which can be found in several Tears for Fears songs?

They are universal symbols and that album thematically involves internationalism and cultures around the world.

50 cents total album sales for curtis?


When was The Meaning of Love - album - created?

The Meaning of Love - album - was created on 2004-02-16.

If flyleaf's band members are christian then why is their album Memento Mori covered with signs of the devil?

The signs on their album aren't satanic signs. They're symbolic, true, but the album theme is "Remember you will die." The symbols on Memento Mori are reminders of this, not satanic/devil worshipping signs or symbols.

When was The Meaning of Life - Tankard album - created?

The Meaning of Life - Tankard album - was created in 1990-04.

When was Monty Python's The Meaning of Life - album - created?

Monty Python's The Meaning of Life - album - was created in 1983.

How much is an Elvis Love song album worth?

Elvis Presley's love song album was worth 15 dollars and 30 cents.

What is a good Facebook album name - cool symbols?

facebook group name

What is the significance of the red x's in Three Days Grace video?

They are for the album One-X.

What is the name of 50 cents album in 2009?

50 Cent's most recent album was released in November 2009 and was titled 'Before I Self Destruct'.

What is Led Zeppelin's largest selling album?

The fourth album, it remains nameless but is known as: Runes, Zoso, Four Symbols, The one with stairway etc etc

What album cover has a black background with 3 red digital symbols?

The Police's "Ghost in the Machine" album has a black cover with three red digital symbols on the front. It was originally released in 1981. It was their fourth album, and spawned three hit singles: "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic", "Invisible Sun", and "Spirits in the Material World".

What are 50 cents total album sales for get rich or die trying?

13-14 million

How much is a Frankie valli and the four seasons vinal album worth?

27 cents approximately

What is the logo on disturbeds believe album?

the icon is a mix of several religious symbols overlapping one another

What is the value of an autograph vinyl album that contains the signature of Hank Williams?

10 cents. If you're lucky.

What Owl City album is the song peppermint winter in?

It's sold as a single. 99 cents on iTunes. :)

What is the value of Janis Joplin's Greatest Hits album?

If this album is vinyl, there are a few versions out there, most will go for 3-4 US dollars. CDs could go for about 50 cents

The first Smiths album?

The first album released by The Smiths is eponymous, meaning that it is named after the band itself. So the first album released by The Smiths is titled "The Smiths".

What is the significance of City of Evil?

The significance of City of Evil, is that it's a more hard rock and classic heavy metal sound than Avenged Sevenfold's previous two albums. The album puts itself to the notes of screaming vocals, which makes this album really one of a kind in Sevenfold's current collection.

What are led zeppelins sybols?

The four symbols on the cover of their 4th album represent the 4 members of the band - they each designed their own. Jimmy Page's idea apparently - he was into magic, symbols, Aleister Crowley and all that.

What do the swirl symbols mean on the shirts of coldplay members at the Austin New Year's Eve show tlast night?

It's just the symbols that they made up. I know the swirl is not actually made up by them, but it was used for a song symbol. If you notice on the back of the album, there are 14 symbols. These represent the 14 songs on the album. Each song has a different symbol, the swirl is the symbol for "Hurts Like Heaven". The thing with Coldplay, is they don't just create great music, they always create a look to go with the theme of the album. Check out the story behind the album with their "Mylo Xyloto" comics. It's great and very creative!

What is the meaning of the song Holiday by Green Day?

the meaning is the jesus of suburbia feeling like he's constantly on holiday after he left suburbia. the album is a concept album, so will follow the jesus of suburbia on his mis-adventures