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What is the meaning of 'RT' in Twitter?


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Retweet/RetweetingRT stands for "ReTweet." To retweet someone's tweet/message is to share their tweet with your own Twitter followers.

When you come across an interesting tweet and you want to help it spread - you retweet it.

There's usually a ReTweet button next to each Tweet, so you can usually just click that.

The syntax of a ReTweet is the abbreviation "RT" or the word "Retweet" followed by the username of the person who tweeted it (e.g @User) and then the content of the actual tweet.

You may also modify the original tweet to make it more interesting for your followers, or because the addition of RT + username makes it longer than the permitted 140 characters. In order to make everything fit, you may need to omit words or use shorter synonyms or abbreviations.


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RT stands for "ReTweet" and is when one Twitter user copy pastes something another Twitter user has said b/c he/she found it interesting and for some reason wanted to repost it on their page.

There are several abbreviations on Twitter that are used daily. QT is slang for "quote Tweet." The abbreviation RT means to "retweet."

"RT @-twitterusername- (copy/paste)"

RT mean "Re-tweet" It's for twitter

To retweet a message in Twitter, all you have to do is to simply click the "RETWEET" button on the upper-right portion of the (tweet) message you want to RT.

i just copy the tweet, paste, then put 'RT' at the start of it and send.

"RT" means real talk. Many times when people are talking they will say real talk as a sign for you to know that they are serious. Its just a new abbreviation that teens use. Another answer: On Twitter, "RT" means retweet. Retweet is when you post what someone else tweeted onto your twitter stream. Since sometimes people have their Twitter and Facebook accounts linked, RT on Facebook could mean the same thing.

RT is the short form of Re Tweet. With this feature,you can forward a tweet by any other person to your followers.Its like forwarding an email or a message. But RT is not an official Twitter command or feature instead of that direct Retweet button below the tweet is to be used for retweeting!!

To do a retweet on Twitter by someone famous you can either use Twitter's in-built retweet function or type 'RT@username' where username is the famous person's username on Twitter and press 'tweet'.

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Ok say i tweeted i like pie. And you wnated to re tweet that. Well what ive seen people on twitter do is this. RT @(username of person who said what your re tweeting) I like pie. Then if you want to reply to that you would post RT @(username of person who said what your re tweeting) i like pie. -----> me too! Or soemthign like that.

#LRT Means "Last Retweet" on twitter.

If you have got the letters in your question around the wrong way I can tell you. RT stands for 'Re Tweet.' You can put RT at the start of a tweet if you're saying something that has already been said by someone elseExample:Original Message:@markhoppus I love footballI would say:RT: @markhoppus I love football

"HT" stands for "Heard Through". It's similar to RT (ReTweet) but you're repeating something that wasn't originally tweeted.

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