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What is the meaning of 'pay award pending'?

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What does Pay award pending mean?


Legal Expression from Latin meaning Pending?

in fieri Also: Pendens or Lis Pendens (Suit Pending)

What is a five letter word meaning award?


Do Oscar winners have to pay for their award?


How long is a pending patent good for?

A "pending patent" does not exist. A patent application which is pending at the patent office is typically referred to as "patent pending", but has not yet matured into an enforceable right. A patent application can, in theory, be pending indefinitely as long as you are willing to pay to keep it alive (via Requests for Continued Examination or via continuation applications, and so forth).

What is the value of peavey wolfgang patent pending guitar?

What ever someone is willing to pay.

What is the opossite meaning of the word penalty?


What is a 5 letter word meaning award?


What is the meaning of interim audit?

A temporary revision of a rule or procedure pending a complete and published revision.

What is the meaning in Tagalog of -this already has a pending relationship request?

Tagalog Translation of THIS ALREADY HAS A PENDING RELATIONSHIP REQUEST: Mayroon na itong naunang pakiusap tungkol sa relasyon.

Can you renew a drivers license with tickets pending in Texas?

As long it is pending , means that you didnt go to Court yet meaning you are not guilty so as DMV conserns there is no violation . You are good to go

What is a word meaning does not pay?

A word meaning "does not pay" is unprofitable.

Can I get a cash advance on the settlement from my lawsuit?

Yes there are many services that will pay you an advance on pending litigation proceeds.

I have a case pending in probate court. Is it possible to get a cash advance against my award?

Since your case is pending then it is most unlikely that you can get a cash advance. You can only get one if it is a done deal that you will absolutely get the money. No one is going to give money if there is a chance they might not get it back.

What is the word meaning 'an award taken away'?


What is the meaning of one day you will have to pay for dis?

what is the meaning of one day u will have to pay for dis.

What is the abbreviation for pending?


What does the name jeansuh mean?

It comes from the Korean meaning of "special award"

What does RP mean on a video game?

Rating Pending, meaning they havent figured out the rating yet for whatever reason.

What is the meaning of the word pending?

Adjective Awaiting decision or settlement. Proposition Until (something) happens or takes place.

What happens if you are in accident and pending cancellation of insurance?

If the policy was "pending cancellation" and had not yet cancelled there is no problem as far as coverage. If the policy was in effect at the date and time of the accident then the company will pay the claim. If it had already cancelled you are in serious trouble.

What if your spouse refuses to leave the home you share?

Nothing. If you share the house, you have no authority to kick him or her out. If there is a pending divorce, you can seek to have the court award possession of the house to one of you individually.

What are words meaning does not pay?

net priceWords meaning does not pay might be:default (on a loan)delinquent (on a payment)

What is ten letter word meaning incentive pay?

Commission is a ten-letter word meaning "incentive pay."

Can a wife make her husband pay her bills if they divorce and his name is not on any of the bills?

yes especially if she is pregnant and they are pending divorce.