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What is the meaning of 'thwart'?

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To interfere with someone.

The definition exactly is "to oppose successfully"

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Word meaning flaut and thwart?

thwart is to stop an action before it starts (ie, I Superman thawrted Lex from taking over the world)

What is the meaning of twart of lifeboats?

You may mean Thwart, which is a seat lying across a boat occupied by an oarsman

What is the synonym for foil?

Meaning 1: thwart, stop, defeat, disappoint, counter, frustrate, hamper Meaning 2: complement, relief, constrast, antithesis

An anytonym of thwart is to?

aid, assist, encourage are all antonyms for thwart

How do you use THWART in sentence?

Thwart means to confound, foil a plan beat someone or to run transversely across. I must thwart the villain in his plans. The seating ran thwart ships across the boat.

What is the synonym of the word foil?

Meaning 1: thwart, stop, defeat, disappoint, counter, frustrate, hamper Meaning 2: complement, relief, constrast, antithesis

Where is a thwart fitted and what is it used for?

A thwart is a seat across a boat for a rower to sit on.

To thwart someones plan is to?

To thwart someone's plan is to foil it, to cause it to fail.

How do you Unscramble hattrw?

The word is thwart (prevent someone from doing something).

What is good senstence for thwart?

Eating a full meal at dinnertime will thwart evening hunger.

What is the dictionary meaning for derail?

The dictionary meaning of the word derail is to cause something to move off its current course or track. Synonyms include to thwart, wreck. deter, and hinder.

What is an example of thwart in a sentence?

the army tried to thwart any rebellions against the new king.

What do you call people that thwart others?

People who thwart other people could be called opponents, or obstacles.

An antonym of thwart is to?


What rhymes with quart?


What is a rowboat seat?


Sentence with the word thwart in it kid freindly?

i went to school and tried to thwart the plan to make school longer

What is a sentence using the word thwart?

You are no long able to thwart me since my plans for world domination have passed the point of no return.

The gore supporters claim that governor bush is trying to thwart the will of the people what does 'thwart' mean?

baffle, balk, check, defeat, foil, frustrate, hinder, impede, obstruct, oppose, outwit, prevent, stop,

What part of the boat is tied to the thwart?

A thwart is a strut placed crosswise, i.e.,left to right, in a small boat of shallow draft. These small boats are commonly known as rowboats, canoes, dinghies, or dories. The thwart can be used as a seat, especially on a rowboat or canoe.While you probably wouldn't tie parts of a boat to the thwart, there are many boat accessories you could tie, and help prevent their loss. You could secure your waterproof or water-resistantditty bag, seat cushions, or dock fenders. You could tie your cooler or a bailing bucket to the thwart. If the thwart is structurally sound, you could use it to tie up to a dock cleat. You could lay your fishing rods on the thwart, or lay your oars on the thwart, if you don't have oarlocks.There are some items you probably would not tie to a thwart. An anchor and anchor line is probably too much weight for a thwart and could pull it out or even capsize the boat. A tow line also would probably exert too much pressure on a thwart and could pull it out.

In what ways does America's two-party system promote or thwart America's constitutional principles?

A thwart is a cross beam on a row-boat

To thwart someone's plans is to?

Prevent them from happening.

What is a 7 letter word for Thwart?

prevent, scuttle

What words start with TH and end with rt?

Thwart ,

What part of speech is the word thwart?

"Thwart" can be a verb, noun or preposition. Defined from the dictionary (which would be a much better, more direct source to use for any word): As a verb: to prevent one from accomplishing something: "he never did anything to thwart his father"; "he was thwarted in his plans". As a noun: a structural crosspiece forming a seat for a rower in a boat. As a preposition: from one side to another side of; across: "a cloud spread thwart the shore".