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What is the meaning of AU and BU when looking up the value of a coin?

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AU stands for "Almost Uncirculated." It represents numeric grades 50-59, or just below uncirculated. BU stands for "Brilliant Uncirculated." In general this description is discouraged in light of numeric grading, as BU is really in the eyes of the beholder. Some feel that BU should be reserved for MS-65 or better, while others will include all the mint-state grades (60-69) under the term. AU (About Uncirculated) is the grade between XF (Extra Fine) and UNC (Uncirculated). AU graded coins will have just the lightest touch of wear on only the high points of the coin's design. BU (Brilliant Uncirculated) coins, for the most part, are called that to avoid assigning a specific numeric grade -- to let the buyer determine their own grade. In general, you will find these coins to grade in the MS-60 to MS-63 range.

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What is the meaning of AU and BU when looking up the value of coins?

AU means "about uncirculated" and BU means bullion. BV stands for Bullion value and BU is the abbreviation for Brilliant Uncirculated.

What is the value of a 1970 penny AU?

Spend it this coin is face value only.

How much is an 1852 2.50 gold coin graded AU and certified worth?

I am assuming that it is an 1852 minted in Philadelphia since the vast majority were. For a certified coin in AU grade the value is between about $250 - $400 depending on what grade AU it is (AU-50, AU-53, AU-55.....).

What is the value of 1961 AU-50 CCCP 5 Kopek coin?


What is the value of a 1954 Greek 2 drachmai coin?

12,609,000 minted in 1954, Copper-Nickel coin value for Fine is AU$0.50, considered a junk coin. Most Greek coins pre-1954 have some value though.

Good condition 1853 gold us dollar coin?

If the coin grades from VF-20 to AU-50 the value is $200.00-$250.00

What is the value of a 1908 twenty dollar gold coin with a guarantee of authenticity graded BU?

A 1908 Saint-Gaudens $20 Double Eagle coin with no motto on reverse in a mint state of AU-50 is worth: $975.00; if this coin does have the motto on revese, its value in a mint state of AU-50 is also: $975.00.

What is the value of a 1 kreuzer 1804?

its a rare copper coin in au condition about $2000.thank u.

What is the value of 1805 5.00 gold piece graded AU-55?

The Red Book Professional Edition gives retail value of $22,500.00 for a certified example in AU-55. Other sources for a raw coin are between $12,000.00 and $13,000.00 in AU-55

What is au condition applied to old coins?

AU means that the coin is about uncirculated. To the untrained eye, the coin appears to be uncirculated but if you look closely you will see wear on the highest parts of the coin. Many times, a high grade AU coin will look better than a lower grade MS (mint state) coin, even though the AU coin has wear while the MS coin does not.

Value of 1854 twenty gold coin san francisco?

Retail values for this coin are $1,440.00 in G-4/ $1,630.00 in VF-20/ $3,690.00 in AU-50 I suggest showing it to a dealer or collector for a firm value.

1943 mercury head dime sweet us coin coin au?

That date at the most is $3.00 retail in AU-58

What is the value of a not pointed bust 1860 graded AU indianhead penny with a 90 degree rotated reverse?

This coin list for 100.00 in AU the rotated die may add to the value.Consult a professional.

What is the value of a 1908 2 lire Italian coin?

At least 20 US dollars and maybe more if the condition is AU or better.

What is value of 1879 cc five dollar gold coin AU 55?

A certified AU-55 example of the 1879-CC Half Eagle has a current retail value in the $8,000.00 range. This issue saw extensive use and most surviving coins are in the lower grades. AU coins are considered rare.

What is value 1861 ten cent piece us coin?

Retail values run from $10.00-$100.00 for a circulated coin depending on the grade. G-4 $10.00/VG-8 $12.00/F-12 $17.00/VF-20 $26.00/EF-40 $46.00/AU-50 $71.00/AU-53$76.00/AU-55 $88.00/AU-58 $101.00

What is the value of an 1856 US 3 dollar gold coin?

This coin needs to be graded for an accurate assessment. The low circulated grade G-4 has a value of $390.00 the high circulated grade of AU-58 is $2,440.00 it's a wide range of prices. So have a dealer or collector grade the coin for a better idea of value.

What are the ratings and certificates for Au bistro du coin - 2011?

Au bistro du coin - 2011 is rated/received certificates of: France:U

What is the Value of a 1855 gold one dollar coin?

Retail prices for this coin run from $175.00 in the grade of G-4 to $940.00 in AU-58 Mint state coins start at $1,700+

What is the value of a 1846 silver dollar coin?

The 1846 Liberty Seated Dollar has retail values in the circulated grades that run from $216.00 in G-4 to $1,590.00 in AU-58. I suggest having a dealer or collector evaluate the coin for a accurate value.

What is the value of cleaned 1915 two and a half dollar Indian Head gold coin that is in excellent condition?

From my experience cleaned coins don't sell, most are purchased for the gold content but if the coin is high grade AU or uncirculated I consider how it was cleaned and how much damage has been done. You will not get full market value for the coin, rule of thumb is subtract 50% of the value or more on cleaned coins. So if your coin is uncirculated the date 1915 is common and the value is $290.00-50%= $145.00 and the melt value as of today is $139.45 that is the value of the coin

What is the value of a near uncirculated 1924 s mercury dime?

For an accurate assessment of value the coin needs to be seen and graded. A 1924-S Mercury Head dime in the AU grade range is valued as follows: AU-50 $90.00 / AU-53$105.00 / AU-55 $130.00 / AU-58 $175.00. Values are a market average and only for coins in collectible condition, coins that are bent, corroded, scratched, used as jewelry or have been cleaned have little or no value to a collector or dealer.

What is the hawaiin for 'I am sad'?

kaumaha au au- meaning I/i'm/i am kaumaha- meaning sad/heavy

What is the value of a 1870 Carson City twenty dollar gold coin?

A real one is very rare with values starting at $108,000.00 for circulated coin in the grade of F-12 to $546,000.00 in AU-55

What is the value of an 1868 US 3 cent coin?

There are 2 types of 3 cent coins dated 1868, a small silver coin and dime sized nickel coin. Retail values for the silver coins are $400.00 in VF-20 to $500.00 in AU-50 Values of the nickel coins are $25.00 in VF-20 to $55.00 in AU-50