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it was made for Micheal Jackson when he died. so we can see your halo mj

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it only means that the person the song is directed to is good, as in she can see the good in him

If it is the same song I am thinking about then it is sung by Beyonce and the song is called Halo.

all i can tell you guys is that supposedly It reverse for the devil

The halo song came out in 2001

Beyonce says the word "halo" 69 times in the song Halo.

Beyoncé has a current hit with the song Halo.

=It is Beyonce's BEST SONG EVER!!!!!!!! I don't know what your halo is but I know Beyonce has a song called "Halo"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=

The word "halo" is said 69 times throughout the song Halo by Beyonce.

Beyonce, Ryan Tedder, and Evan Bogart wrote the song Halo.

Halo - Soil song - was created in 2000.

The song "Halo" is on the album, I Am Sasha Fierce.

no florence and the machine sang it

Halo - Beyoncé Knowles song - was created in 2008.

halo by beyonce came out in 2009

The lyrics can to the song "Halo" by Beyonce can be found on so many lyric websites on the internet. The website Metro Lyrics has the full words to the song Halo and allows users to listen to the song while they are reading them.

a halo is what an angel has on top of there head and she is saying that her boyfriend/husband or what ever he is an angel

Beyonce Knowles sings Halo

Halo... they where a halo.... meaning hello

halo is about a girl who finds her angel, the guy she dreams about and thinks he is perfect.

the halo theme songs have all been composed by martin o'donnel, i am not sure what the overall halo theme song is, i think it is just called halo theme, however i do no the name of the new halo reach theme song, the song is called lone wolf and was first heard in the world premiere. hope this helps one of the main themes was called Mjolnir Mix, which has been tweaked since the first Halo game

halo is a circle or ring angels have halo's above their heads in halo... the game you are trying to destroy the BIG RING THING in the sky... Halo

Ryan Tedder, Evan Bogart, and Beyonce wrote Halo.If you do not recognize this song here is part of it: Do your halo halo...... do your halo halo remember those walls i built well baby they're tumbling down i didn't even put up a fight i didn't even make a sound.

Halo Theme. It varies slightly between Halo 1, 2, and 3.

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