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It is a French word which means " That's Life / This is Life".

In french, when an article that finish by a vowel goes in a front of a noun starting with a vowel (or a pronoun in a front of a verb), they put an apostophe and cut a vowel... (maybe some exeption exist?)

"C'est la vie", is

Ça est la vie (that is the life, word by word)

they put an aposthrophe to cut the letter "a" and link

-remark the cedilla ¸ (alt+0184 and U+00B8) under the C (looks like a number 5 under a c letter some time) because, when letter c is in the front of letter a, letter o, or letter u, will be prononced like a letter k without (like in "Cut"), and with = the cedilla under the c, it is prononced s (like in "Century"), and it disappears, turning useless, because it became in the front of an e.

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Q: What is the meaning of C'est La Vie?
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