What is the meaning of Charlie the Unicorn 2?

I think that the other two unicorns represent communism (they have a couple things that show this 1) in the first on they go to "candy mountain" and in the book Animal Farm the raven, moses, tells the other animals about Sugar Candy Mountain and as we know that book was written about the Russian revolution which was primarily about the rise of "communism" is Russia. 2) on the Banana King's there is a symbol that looks a lot like the communist sign.) So since communism is evil (well...at least the one Stalin used....real communism is good) they have those unicorns being a bit nutty and whenever Charlie is around them bad stuff happens. (stealing his kidney, and his other stuff) So maybe Charlie is the neighboring counties of a communist country and when charlie is being beamed up, that could be representing the domino theory (when on country becomes communist, the neighboring countries will also be communist.)