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Swallow, tell me, you whisper about? was it your old husband, with whom you built your nest, or have you just recently entrusted yourself to him? Tell me what you twitter about, tell me what you whisper about in the mornings, so confidentially? Eh? You haven't been a bride for very long, have you?

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translation for what is that is was ist das

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"Der" is German for "the" (masculine)"Die" is German for "the" (feminine)"Das" is German for "the" (neuter)

"was ist das" has the same meaning as "what is this" in German.

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"What is that !" is the maening of this common German exclamation. meaning what is that ^o^

It means "the" ^this is kinda right^ Das depending on its context can mean, this, that, or the. Like many German words 'das' encompasses more of an idea than a single meaning. Das basically means a singular thing.

Helene Brahms has: Performed in "Ahasver, 1. Teil" in 1917. Performed in "Ahasver, 2. Teil" in 1917. Performed in "Ahasver, 3. Teil - Das Gespenst der Vergangenheit" in 1917. Performed in "Die lachende Maske" in 1918. Performed in "Ein Lieb, ein Dieb, ein Warenhaus" in 1928.

Okay I found the answer : the verb is actually "anmachen", which means "to light", "to start", "to turn on" (

Zimmermann 'carpenter'/ 'woodman' From German 'das Zimmer', meaning 'wood', and 'der Mann' in the meaning 'man' ('Zimmermann' is a more usual spelling.

In German: (Das) Obst und (die) Gemüse

Das ist nicht zu machen is literally that can't be done, meaning either that won't work or I/we can't do it.

the root is trolo it means das empore that translates to empire

It's Russian ("до свидания" / "do svidaniya") and means "goodbye".

Das Leben ist bedeutungslos. (literally life is meaningless)

"Das ist echt toll!" is a German colloquial expression meaning. "That's awesome!"

English: "the iron" is German: "das Eisen", "das Bügeleisen", "das Plätteisen", "das Plättbrett", "das Schießeisen".

yes, it is from the autobiography of kamala das, my story. In wich she decribes how she and other black students were descriminated badly in britain indian skools!

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