What is the meaning of I love you loads?

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It means: I love you very much.
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What does a girl mean when she says you've told her loads of times that you love her?

Answer . \nAnyone call keep telling another person over and over again that they love them, but the old tried and true is "actions speak louder than words." Only the both

What is the meaning of loads of love?

Love is a tender touch a warm embrace a smile that lights a special face a quite moment shared by 2..your perfect match a dream come true..that's how i know i love you...(some

How do you get loads of loves?

If your simply asking how to date a lot of people then always be open and honest as to not committing and dating others, be yourself, outgoing, charismatic and take things fro

What is the meaning of load?

a LOAD is generally related to energy consumption. mechanical, electrical gas power, etc. a LOADED truck consumes energy to move the load. a loaded motor consumes more e

Does roisin love Taylor loads?

Yes because i love him because he is funny, handsome and thruthfull (hes a boy) and that is why i KNOW Roisin loves Taylor Loads!!!

How do you say loads of love in luganda?

ng'kwaagala nyo (I love you alot). The sound produced when your saying the "ny" part is nasal and doesnt exist in English vocabulary. "Ny" is the closest approximation to it.
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What does load mean?

when a weight or object is lifted of the ground 'Load' can havevarious meanings in different contexts; it can refer to: . The noun : where it applies to the quantity or amo
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Why does it freeze when you load pirates in love?

When it freezes, you can re-install it or upload version 1.3 on iphone or android. when I play this Game on android it freezes everytime. but after i re-install it, it does n
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What does it mean to be a load?

If someone tells you that you are a load, it can mean a couple ofthings. They could mean that you are "heavy" to carry, or that yourfriendship is a "heavy" thing that is hard