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It means United we stand; divided we fall.

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Q: What is the meaning of Join or Die?
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What was the theme of Franklins cartoon Join or Die?

the theme of join or die was that is you dont join the constitution you would die.

What is the meaning of the join or die symbol?

the snake in join or die is split into eight parts which are the british colonies and the Americans wanted to bring them all together yo make one colonie which is represented by the inatils of the colonies

What does the caption refer to on Join or Die?

it means to join the army or die trying to

Who created join or die?

The "Join , or Die" cartoon was a creation of Benjamin Franklin .

Who created the cartoon Join or Die?

The "Join , or Die" cartoon was a creation of Benjamin Franklin .

What is the meaning of join in Hindi?

The meaning of join in hindi is JODNA. It migh include joining two things, ideas etc.

What does the cartoon join or die mean?

i feel it means join the fight or dont join the fight for justice and let the british control your life. i feel it means join colonist or die.

What is an opposite meaning of join?

to disjoin or un join or separate or split up or divide

Word meaning join together?


Will firestar join brawl?

As long as he doesn't die, then yes. He will join brawl.

What does the slogan join or die mean?

it means the 13 colonies better join as one to fight the revelatory war or they all die

What does Ben Franklin's 'Join or Die' cartoon stand for?

It's meaning basically means that the colonies have to join together to defeat the French and the Natives. If they don't, they will be killed by them. The reason why it is a snake is because if the colonies come together, they can be deadly.

Did join or die mean to fight for freedom or die?

I think so.

Four-letter word meaning enter?


What word has the same meaning as connection?

Link Join association

What is a word meaning to join together into one?

fuse, combine

What does v mean in the join or die?


Who wrote join or die?

Ben Franklin

Join or die cartoon?

The "Join, or Die" was by Benjamin Franklin ~ you can look to the related link below for further information regarding this famous political cartoon .

What document is associated with the picture join or die?

The Albany Plan of Union was proposed by Benjamin Franklin who also created the 'Join or Die" political cartoon .

Where was the Join or Die cartoon first published?

The "Join, or Die" cartoon was first published in Benjamin Franklin's Pennsylvania Gazette on May 9, 1754.

When was the join or die snake cartoon drawn?

May 9 , 1754 : The "Join , or Die" political cartoon was created by Benjamin Franklin and published in the Pennsylvania Gazette .

What is a four letter word meaning to come together?

join, meet

When Benjamin Franklin said join or die what did he mean?


Who quoted join us or die?

benjarmen Franklin