What is the meaning of Kannada wording 'Elladaru iru enthadaru iru endendu Kannadavaagiru'?

"Elladaru iru enthadaru iru endendigu nee Kannadavaagiru, Kannadave Sathya Kannadave Nithya" was a poem by Kuvempu.

The message of the poem is - No matter where you are or how you are, remember that you are a Kannadiga and respect Kannada and Karnataka Mathe (mother).

To give you word by word translation:

Elladaru iru - Wherever you are Enthadaru iru - However you are
Endendigu - Forever
Nee - you
Kannadavaagiru - Be Kannadiga
Kannadave Sathya - Kannada is the truth
Kannadave Nithya - Daily its Kannada