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An official of the SA who was a sports umpire, time keeper or track official at an official SA athletic event would of worn this arm band. Richard V. Horrell WW 2

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Who wore a Nazi armband that was blue with the white eagle and swastika embroidered on it?

One armband issued in WW2 Germany was either a black or dark blue armband with a white eagle & swastika/wreath and under the eagle was Reichspost . The Reichspost was the postal service for the country.Some photos show the uniform with a patch of the same design instead of an armband.

Meaning of Christmas wreath?

A Christmas wreath symbolizes hope

What is the meaning of the word 'wreath'?

a wreath is those circle things that they have at Christmas that they hang on the door.

What is meaning of haarika?


What does the wreath on the Kentucky flag represent?

the background on the kentucky flag

What is a Popular greenhouse plant name derived from Greek meaning 'Wreath'?


What is the meaning of a wreath?

If you are talking about a Christmas Wreath, it is used to show one's neverending love of Christ

What is the meaning of green color of the advent wreath?


What is the meaning of a black wreath?

It is symbolic of someone who has died.

What is the meaning of the name Laurene?

Well, Lauren means laurel wreath and evergreen and as laurene comes from the name Lauren i think laurene means laurel wreath and evergreen.

What is the meaning of hanging a wreath on the front door at Christmas time?

The wreath is a circle (which goes on forever) that never stops, it symbolizes how God's love never ends and is everlasting.

What is the meaning of the three violet candles in advent wreath?

Faith, Love, Hope and Joy

What is a circular tree branch called?

a wreath

What is 'wreath' in Romanian?

Cunúnă is a Romanian equivalent of 'wreath'.

What is the meaning of leina'ala?

Beautiful Wreath of Flowers its the shorter version of Kaleiokalani Which means Beautiful Flowers

What is the meaning of color green in advent wreath?

It symbolizes the no beginning and no end of God's love for us.

What part of speech is wreath?

Wreath is a noun.

What is is the meaning of the name Steven?

The meaning of the name Steven is from both Greek and English. They both mean crowned one or wreath. A varient of the name would be 'Stephen'.

What is the decoration hung on a door at Christmas called?

is a wreath the thing that is green on doors

How do you say wreath in Spanish?

a funeral wreath is a Corona

What does the name 'stefany' mean?

stefany a form of Stephanie is of Greek origing meaning ''crown or crowned, garland.'' garland meaning ''wreath of flowers'' (french)

What is the plural form of the word wreath?

The plural of wreath is wreaths

Is apple blossom wreath a specific noun?

Yes, apple blossom wreath is a specific noun; the general noun is wreath.

What do you hang up on Christmas Eve?

stocking or decartions or also a wreath stocking or decartions or also a wreath stocking or decartions or also a wreath Stockings, decorations, a wreath, lights, holly, and mistletoe:)

What does the green of the advent wreath remind us of?

It represents everlasting life (evergreen) brought through Jesus.There is no specific meaning of the green in the wreath. Mostly it reminds us that life renews itself and spring returns even from the deepest winter.