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What is the meaning of a dead gypsy tattoo?

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Typically, the dead gypsy tattoo is meant to symbolize the passing of a close friend or relative. Gypsy tattoos in general symbolize different things to different people. For many, a gypsy tattoo represents freedom or travel.

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What is Dead gypsy tattoo?

its about the day of the dead

What does a dead gypsy tattoo mean?

The gypsy skull tattoo can represent the loss of a loved one. The gypsy tattoo does hold a high level of symbolic importance to the women and men over the world.

Gypsy head tattoo?

Yes, it's a tattoo of a gypsy woman.

What does a Gypsy Girl Tattoo symbolize?

it means fortune

What phrase best represents a gypsy tattoo?


What is the symbolism of a gypsy head tattoo?

It is thought to bring good fortune.

Can you get a tattoo at 16 in Calgary?

Yes at gypsy rose with parental consent

What does a pegasus tattoo mean?

When people get a tattoo, there is often meaning and remberance attached to the tattoo. The meaning of a pegasus tattoo is that of loyalty.

What does a gypsy tattoo symbolize?

It is common, especially in the American Traditional style of tattooing, to tattoo beautiful Gypsy faces. The symbolism behind these tattoos is that the Gypsy's face or their crystal ball are representative of looking toward the future, and not living in the past.

What is the meaning of a diamond tattoo under the eye?

The meaning of a tattoo on a person's body could have a meaning that only the person that has the tattoo knows. In Russian prisons the tattoo of a diamond under the eye is applied by force. The meaning is that the person is an informant.

What is the meaning of a dead swallow tattoo?

There aren't any universal meanings for tattoo symbols. Check out tattoo symbolism here: But remember, sometimes a rose is just a rose. It doesn't mean or symbolize anything! ALSO Swallows stand for Love so a dead Swallow could symbolize a dead love or the belief that love is dead or possibly nonexistent.

What is the meaning of a wand tattoo?

'Wand tattoo' is German and means wall tattoo.

What does a cross tattoo on the forehead symbolize i know its a British skinhead tattoo but what does it represent what is its meaning?

Crucified by society (smaller version of the skinhead on the cross tattoo), Jailhouse tattoo, Homemade tattoo - are normally the meaning it.

What is the meaning of sea turtle tattoo?

The meaning of a turtle tattoo is to represent long life and positivity.

What do the various gypsy tattoos symbolize?

answer 2gypsys symbolize alot of different stuff . they mean good luck . or they mean something spiritual . i myself am getting a gypsy but it means something very special too me just because it has one meaning doesnt mean that's exactly what its for it can represent w.e u want it too Answera tattoo of a gypsy symbolizes good luck. i myself have a gypsy woman tattood on my leg.

Meaning of star tattoo?

there is no meaning necessarily

What does a scorpion tattoo on the hand mean?

There is no official meaning for a scorpion tattoo on the hand. This tattoo may hold a significant meaning for its owner because he or she likes scorpions or the tattoo was inked alongside a friend's.

What is the meaning a tattoo with ohm with trisha?

tattoo on her hand<that says om.okay?:)

What do gypsy head tattoos symbolize?

In the American Traditional tattoo style, a portrait of a Gypsy's head is common subject matter. The Gypsy portrait symbolizes living in the present and looking forward.

What does a northern star tattoo mean?

Star tattoos do not have a particular meaning. The meaning of the tattoo can vary from person to person.

What is the meaning of a jester tattoo?

Some of the meanings of a jester tattoo are that the person who has the tattoo is a prankster, witty, or overcame a sickness or other hurdle in their life. The meaning of a jester tattoo can mean different things to the person that has the tattoo. Some people get the jester tattoo just because they like the look or design of the tattoo itself.

What does a sugar skull gypsy tattoo mean?

A sugar skull is a remembrance of someone dear that has departed/passed away.

What does a dead koi tattoo mean?

well a live koi tattoo is luck so i would think a dead one would b the opposite

What is the meaning of a dove tattoo?


What does dancing bear tattoo mean?

a dancing bear tattoo is a symbol of the band Grateful Dead.