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What is the meaning of a tattoo with a dragon wrapped around a sword or dagger?


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Whatever the wearer wants it to mean.


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There is no specific meaning for a dragon wrap ed around a scull. There are some meaning for them individually such as for a scull power over death, feelings of death or morning .The dragon can symbolize power strength ,or even luck. The meaning of a tattoo is generally determined by the wearer them self.

i feel it means security a protector over the four elements. a form of guidance

Pre-Evolution of Combat, the Dragon Longsword was the better main weapon with the Dragon Dagger being the special weapon.Post-Evolution of Combat, the Dragon Longsword beats the Dagger for constant use.

To get a dragon dagger fast in runescape is you need a lvl 75 woodcutting. Each bag is 32k.

The Answer Is: You Can't. You can only buy a corrupt dragon dagger or pk in a pvp world for one. There is no way you can corrupt any dragon weapons.

Dragon Dagger P++ or Just a Dragon Dagger or you can use the Dragon Long. I like the Dragon Dagger P++ best Dragon Claws are 28million gold. they are best as of now. i recommend you do monkey madness and get dragon scimitar because sooner or later you will have to because dragon longsword is very slow to train with. dragon 2 handed sword is around 1million gold dragon spears do not require a quest but are not that great.

'Toxic Dagger' is not an item, it is a skill learned on the Dagger skill list.

Dragon Dagger, Dragon Battle Axe, Dragon Longsword, Dragon Halberd ----------------- Mainly out of those, Dragon Dagger P++ and Dragon Battle Axe are best. EDIT. dragon claws are better.

536 dragon dagger poison p++ will be19,783,224gp

you put your skill points in dagger and get it :D

Dragon Dagger P++ is a good weapon, but make sure it is P++ not P+. - Other than that Dragon Longsword is good, but the special attack hits twice on the Dagger and the Dagger is Cheaper.

Runescape:Dragon Dagger for "Members Only" Rune Dagger "Free Accounts". Edit by imdill3: Dragon Dager (p++) [max poisened] is the best member dagger.

that's questionable but can be taken both ways!

There is no code for this however the following codes will get you dragon, just not the plate and the kite for the are to be bought with credits armor dragon chain: 3140 dragon full helmet: 7611 dragon med helmet: 1149 dragon platelegs: 4087 dragon plateskirt: 4585 dragon sq shield: 1187 dragon vambraces: 1066 dragon boots: 2904 weapons dragon dagger: 1215 dragon dagger (p): 1232 dragon dagger (+): 5680 dragon dagger (s): 5698 dragon spear: 1249 dragon spear (p): 1263 dragon spear (kp): 3176 dragon spear (+): 5716 dragon spear (s): 5730 dragon longsword: 1305 dragon battleaxe: 1377 dragon mace: 1434 dragon halberd: 3204 dragon scimitar: 4587 (fake-isch) dragon 2h sword: 7158 dragon axe: 6739 (other) quest cape: 2740 note that some of these weapons can only be wielded when finished certain quests thank you for reading! fons22

'Toxic Dagger' is an ability, it is the first one you learn on the Knife skill list. It is not an item.

Dragon Scimitar for sure. But get both and your awesome because poison and strength scimitar!

A dagger and dragon tattoo can symbolize several different things. It can symbolize courage, strength, or perseverance for example. Tattoos are very personal, and each person has their own beliefs as to what their specific tattoo symbolizes.

u have to be a member to use dragon u need to have a particular level in attack to use dragon daggers are worthless

You can hit around 30-55 if you have maxed out Strength, using Piety Prayer, Full Bandos and Super Strength Potion.

You cannot. Corrupt dragon items are not made from other dragon items, they are special drops from pvp worlds. Plus, although they are some of the strongest things f2p players can wear, they only last for an hour or so of being worn before they get dusted, so they're not worth it anyways.

lost city: dragon longsword, Dragon dagger regicide: dragon halberd heroes quest: dragon battle ax, dragon mace monkey madness: dragon scimitar dragon 2h:none dragon sq shield:legends quest dragon claws:death pleatu

Well i always hated the dragon dagger because when ever i verse someone they always keep killing me with their special attacks lol but i think the dagger is the best even though i hate it X D

you want a rare dagger? either buy it with dragon coins in Cysero's shop, if that is what you want, or just do the quests again until you get it. If you are not sure which quest you should do... then just go to and then type down the name of the dagger of your choice.

first off dragon is a step higher than rune and can only be equipted by members for instance hear is the strength lvls from weakest to most powerfull ok it starts with bronze then goes to iron then goes to steel then goes to mithril then goes to adamant then goes to rune then goes to dragon so all these have the same stuff just different material they are made out of so lets say you have a mithril square shield an adamant square shield is better so i think dragon dagger is simply the best dagger you can get except for poison dagger++ or something like that there may be better ones but as far as i know its the best

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