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Alexis is a term for neophyte for male and medusa for female. And fyi its not treskilion its triskelion

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Medusa is not a Latin name; it is Greek and it's meaning is "queen" or "guardian".

alexis is a Greek name. It has no meaning in Hebrew.

Romans used the name Medusa, Greeks used Medousa or Medouse: a name meaning "guardian" or "queen".

Alexis is not a Cherokee name, so has no specific meaning in the language. The name Alexis comes from Greek. It means Protector Of Mankind.

Alexis (Αλέξης) is a short name of Αλέξανδρος (Alexander) or Aλέξιος (Alexios).

Alexis is the feminine form of the Greekmasculine given name Alexander, meaning helper and protector of mankind.

The name Alexis is from a Greek word meaning "to ward off, to protect ( someone from something)"

There is no Roman meaning to Medusa's name, her name in Greek means "queen".

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Medusa means "queen" or "guardian".

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