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" May the Blessings BE " .... May the Blessings Be is an ancient saying giving Divine Blessings from the highest, it gives the meaning Thy will be done. Whatever is right for the situation and/or person is what will occur, from the highest Divine consciousness. If you see someone is hurt or troubled and you want to help, you can simply say May the Blessings Be, it's a spiritual prayer to God and brings Peace love and Blessings. You can chant this continuously over and over Baraka Bashad ~ May the Blessings Be as a spiritual exercise, and then see what transpires for you, upliftment, Blessings flowing, joy etc.

Once when I was out to dinner in a group with my husband a woman started to target me in front of people at the restaurant table and I could perceive she was unbalanced in her mind and wanted to cause some drama, I had a sixth sense for mentally unwell people having been around them before. Luckily I had the presence of mind to say to her face looking into her eyes this mantra, not caring who thought what of me in the group who were mainly people I hadn't met before. I said this over and over calmly without fear just facing her threatening behaviour to me knowing I had to rise up spiritually and be strong.
After a minute or so of my repeating this no matter what she said, she stopped and changed tracks and it was over, no one else seemed to realise what was really going on but I knew. Later I felt a bit shaky but ok and I was happy I had managed to use a spiritual tool in the spur of the moment and this gave me a direct experience of the protection and love in this saying May the Blessings Be. I was grateful for the Divine protection I experienced.
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The parents of writer Amiri Baraka were Coyt Leverette Jones andAnna Lois. He had nine children and also served for three years inthe U.S. Armed Services.

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US poet Amiri Baraka was 79 years old when he died on January 9, 2014 (born Everett LeRoi Jones , October 7, 1934).

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i dont really get what you have just asked sorry but i don't make sense to me I am so sorry

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