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What is the meaning of everlasting true love?


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The meaning of everlasting true love is Trust. Everlasting means it goes on and on and never stops. True means that its real and it couldn't be broken apart. So everlasting love is love that's real and the emotions and affections never go away and that since its real love, then possibly noone should be able to split up what that couple has.

As a teenager I have feelings for this one guy. He's just everything you could ask for in a man. He's smart, Handsome, funny, supportive, and so my type. We have a lot of things in common such as, we love to joke around, we love to party, we love talk on the phone, we love to text, and we love to stay hourlessly on the computer.

I know my age and definition of love may be different from yours but this question can change the way others think of trying to get into something they can't get their selves out of and then they wonder why their Relationship isn't or didn't work out.

See, you want to find someone you have somewhat of a connection with. Maybe someone you've known for a while now and someone you can trust because I've heard over and over again, that a relationship is built on trust.

If your relationship has not even a pinch of trust then its not an everlasting relationship. Everlasting relationships that have 100% trust normally lead up to married couples growing old together.

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