What is the meaning of experience?

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Experience arises in the joining of information from the external world with information from the internal world(the inner flesh of the body). Thus all expereince is personal. meaning on the other hand is created by the joining of past and present comparing this experience to other experiences0 and in giving this sensed lived-felt experience a framework, name, or label. this is a function of the integration of body and mind, of feeling and though, of affect and cognition.this involves taking up a position or a perspective with regard to an experience.

Whereas experience is a horizontal integration, meaning is vertical integration.

furthermore, humand have the mental capacity to take a different position or different perspective and thus change the meaning. This is what we call creativity.

Magic is the process by which we make meaningfull connnections. There are two ways to create meaningful connections, the first is by observing a physical connection between different objects and then giving them similar meanings. The other is by giving different meanings to the same object.

Now science appears to priviledge the first way while religion appears to priviledge the second way. But in truth both employ bother means as faith (beliefs) and fact (experiences) interact and influence one another tocreate what we call a world view.

It is the interaction of these two processes that creates a symbolic system where meaning and objects are separated but which can be integrated in multiple different ways. Symbols come to have meaning both in terms to their realtionship to other symbols and their meanings (context) and in relationship to the meaning we give to the individual symbol (content.) Content and context together weave a complex tapesty of meaning.

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