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what is the meaning of furtive? what is the meaning of furtive? sneaky

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Furtive is not a noun.The man across the aisle in the bus shot me a furtiveglance.In this sentence furtive is an adjective.

It means looking for details or plans of something in a furtive manner.

That furtive glance seemed so conspiratorial.The furtive search yielded no friends in the room.

They are the heads of our furtive scheme.

There is no common prefix for furtive.

The records showed furtive criminal activity.

His furtive movements made it hard for them to catch him.

She cast a furtive glance over her shoulder, then unlocked the door and entered the house.

Example sentence - His horrid daughters have a furtive nature about them.

His girlfriend has a furtive behavior, she's probably cheating on him.Furtive gossip is the main theme of Desperate Housewives.

They made furtive plans in the hopes of surprising him on his birthday.

He looked over his shoulder in a furtive way. (In other words as an adjective.)

Example: The agent from the CIA took a furtiveglance over her shoulder.

The thief looked about in a furtive manner just before picking my pocket.

The convict made many furtive attempts to escape from prison.

A glance that is sneaky and secretive.Sentence: The robber gave a furtive glance to the police.

His actions were secretive and furtive, as though he were planning to break a law.

The furtive cat decided that presence of the large dog was not a propitious sign.

Exactly 0.4 seconds, any less and it isn't furtive, anymore and it isn't a glance.

In my edition of the book the word 'furtive' appears as part of the description of Roger on page 23 of chapter 1: the Sound of the Shell. In my copy (the one with piggy and the huge fly on the cover) furtive is on page 22 and 49.

The convict made many furtive attempts to escape from prison.Questioned by the police, the thief gave only furtiveanswers that told them nothing.He tired of stealing furtive glances and decided to make a bold move.It would have been just another uneventful day monitoring surveillance tapes if the security guards hadn't awakened in time to see the furtive manner in which the nondescript couple were steadily but surely sneaking up and down every aisle in the crowded store.

The boy took a furtive look around the kitchen to make sure nobody was around before reaching into the cookie jar.

She had a few friends. Furtive boys in pink shirts hanging about on wash-day after school. "Everyday Use: Alice Walker"

(n.) - secret or hidden; furtive

It means the person is "shifty" or "secretive"

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