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What is the meaning of health is wealth?

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It means that someone who is healthy is also wealthy in so far as they can enjoy life and all it offers. Whereas someone with loads of money can little enjoy it if they are ill.

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What is the meaning of the word health is wealth?

health is as if not more valuble than wealth

What is the meaning of saying health is wealth?

It means that if you have a good health you have wealth ,if a richman does not have good health he will die soon and lose his life and would not enjoy it to its fullest but the man who has good health he will live and so it is said health is wealth

What is other meaning of heath is wealth?

"Health is wealth" basically means the healthier you are the better you feel. Wealth doesn't necessarily mean with money. You can be "rich" in other ways, such as in good health.

What is the Conclusion for health is wealth?

Need a poem on health is wealth?

poem on health is wealth

Do you believe that health is wealth explain?

do you believe that health is wealth

What type of noun is health is wealth?

The term 'Health is wealth.' is a complete sentence made up of:subject = health (a common, uncountable, abstract noun)is = linking verb (a word for a state of being)predicate nominative = wealth (a common, uncountable, abstract noun)

Could you show me best health slogans?

The first wealth is health.

Meaning health is wealth?

If you aren't well enough to enjoy it, it doesn't matter how much money you have.

Why does health is wealth?

If you have the good health you can earn the wealth because when your health is not good you can not even go out and earn money. so, keep a good health then you will have a good wealth.

Which will you choose health or wealth?

Health is Wealth so I better choose Health. Health is valuable. You should take care of it.

What rhymes with wealth?

Health, stealth.Some one syllable words that rhyme with wealth are health, stealth.Some two syllable phrases that rhyme with wealth are good health, ill health.Some three syllable phrases that rhyme with wealth are bill of health, mental health.Type your answer here... wealth , stealth

What would you choose health or wealth?

Health. If you had more wealth than health, you would have a high chance of dying. And besides, health is more important than wealth anyway.

Paragraph on health is wealth?


In the story Walden what does thoreau think about wealth?

Thoreau think that wealth can't buy health. But health can buy wealth!

what is the opposite meaning to the word wealth?


Why is health better than wealth?

If you didn't have good health you probably would not have good wealth.

Wealth is more important than health?

No. It's the other way around. Health is more important than wealth. If you don't have your health, it is difficult to enjoy any wealth.

Why wealth is better than health?

In the USA, it could be argued that wealth is better than health. This is because if you do not have wealth you cannot get medical care.

Is health and wealth an abstract noun?

Yes, the nouns 'health' and 'wealth' are abstract nouns, words for a state of being; words for concepts.

Why is good health better than wealth?

Then you can get more wealth!

Health is better than wealth?

Health is better than wealth. Some Americans think that Wealth is MUCH better than health because you can buy a good house and a plasma TV. This is good. But you need health to live.

Slogans regarding health care?

- Health is wealth

Why is it health is wealth?


Is health a wealth?

no, but it rhymes.