What is the meaning of incandescence?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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the state of glowing while at a high temperature, caused by electrons in vibration atoms and molecules that are shaken in and out of their stable energy levels, emitting radiant energy in the process. The peak frequency of radiant energy is proportional to the absolute temperature of a heated substance

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Light that is produced secondarily to heating.

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Q: What is the meaning of incandescence?
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Does electric bell not exhibit incandescence?

Yes, it does not exhibit incandescence if it is working properly.

12 letter word meaning produces light?

The noun luminescence means the emission of light at low temperatures by any process other than incandescence.

What is the process of making light from heat called?


What is luminiscence?

light not due to incandescence; occurs at low temperatures

What has the author Armelle Hauteloire written?

Armelle Hauteloire has written: 'Incandescence'

What are some 13 letter words for fire?

conflagration, incandescence, scintillation

What are some differences of incandescence and bioluminescence?

i am a 6th grader answer the stikin question.

Why the lamp lights up?

Incandescence of a finely coiled tungsten wire.

What is the scientific explanation for meteors?

Space debris striking the Earth's atmosphere and heating to incandescence.

Why is there a yellow flame on the Bunsen burner?

The yellow color is from the incandescence of not burned soot particles.

What is the glowing trail that results when a meteroid burns up in earths atmosphere?

Air heated to incandescence.

What are some nouns for fire?

fire, flame, conflagration, inferno, oxidation, exothermic reaction, blaze, incandescence.