What is the meaning of job portal?

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A web site where employers can post job offers, and people looking for employment can post their skills.
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What does it mean to get bonded for a job?

Answer . \nIt means they will do a background check to see if you have a criminal record.. Answer . In this context, a bond is usually a written agreement by which a person insures he will pay a certain sum of money if he does not perform certain duties properly. In other situations, it migh ( Full Answer )

What is portal?

Portal is a first-person puzzle video game by Valve. It was released in 2007 along with the orange box, and is part of the Half-life universe. It was based on a student project called Narbacular Drop

What is a portal?

In terms World of Warcraft and other video games , a portal is a kind of gateway to another zone/dimension/planet etc. It is usually used as a quick way to travel from place to place. . For web browsers and other related technology, web portals are a comprehensive web platform that accommodates a ( Full Answer )

What does tertiary jobs mean?

Tertiary workers provide people with sevices. They give help to others. No goods are made in this industry. it is sometimes called the service industry. Teachers, nurses, and shop assitance are examples of people in the tertiary industry. Chloe age 12

What does job content skills mean?

"Job content skills" refers to the breakdown of the competencies asthey relate to the activities associated with a certain job.

What is the meaning of portfolio of a job seeker?

A job seeker generally takes along a portfolio to the interview. Aportfolio is a collection of work to present to the interviewer.This should be a sample range indicative of the best work.

What does EA mean as a job title?

In Accounting, EA stands for Enrolled Agent.\n. \nEnrolled agents are the only tax professionals licensed by the Internal Revenue Service to represent taxpayers before the IRS. These are individuals who have demonstrated special competence in tax matters and professional ethics. Practice before the ( Full Answer )

What does integrity on the job mean?

Integrity on the job means taking responsibility for your ownactions and having accountability. Integrity is also having theability to be left in charge of the companies assets without thefear of theft or loss.

What is online job portal?

Job Portal is a web-based application, which has three main entities - Candidates, Employers and Admin. Candidates can register themselves, modify their details, search and apply for the jobs. Candidates can upload new resume, update his profile and can view his status of jobs he/she had applied. Em ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of job status?

The words job status is used to let potential employees knowwhether or not a position has been filled. For example, if the wordactive is after the words job status, it means that they are stillaccepting applications.

What are portals?

Portals are inter-dimensional gates in which one can travel immediately between them. Example, you go in one and come out of the other.

What is the meaning of job?

the meaning of job is that it is a hobby that an adult or a child does to get money to pay for things

What is a job portal?

A job portal is a website which helps in the recruitment process by bringing together both the employer and the job seeking candidate. The candidate will have to create his profile by uploading his resume which will be then viewed by the employer as and when there is any opening. It is a simplified ( Full Answer )

The list of job portals in India?

1 Naukri . Naukri hub . Times Jobs . Monster India . Employment Boss . Click Jobs . Recruit . Rediff Job Search . Bixee . Career Khazana . Indian Job Site . Placement India . Jobs Bazaar India . Jobs Bank . Bharat Careers . Jobs DB India . Career Age . Freshers W ( Full Answer )

What is portal about?

You wake up in a small glass box, wearing strange clothes and completely unaware of who you are, who you were or where you are. An electronic voice, named GLadOs, suddenly begins to speak, it tells you that you are the latest test subject for the Aperture Science Hand held Portal Device, a brilliant ( Full Answer )

Writing problem statement for online job portal?

The present system requires applicants to search through print and visual media for job opportunities. Applicants need to apply for jobs using conventional methods and appear for interview on a specified date at a specified location. Employers need to advertise the vacancies and sort all applicant d ( Full Answer )

What does it mean when a business outsources jobs?

It's when a business, takes areas of various departments, and hires someone outside the company to do the work. Such as automobile factories, instead of making the parts for the cars here in the USA they hire places overseas to make the parts cheaper. That is so they can pay people over there lower ( Full Answer )

What does target job type mean?

Target job type usually refers to type of job you would like. Thisis usually used at the to of a resume.

How do you post jobs in job portal?

There are different automated job posting applications availablewhich can be used to post multiple jobs to various job portals atonce. You can get both free and premium software on the internetfor the task. It makes your work easier, quicker, and you need notspend much effort. You can receive improv ( Full Answer )

What do portals do?

Portals may serve a variety of purposes, depending on the world/series/game in which they exist. Often portals are used to travel quickly from one world/place to another. Sometimes portals also enable time travel.

What does it mean if you dream of losing your job?

This dream seems to express the dreamer's anxiety about being about to obtain the necessities of life. The dream is not predictive of actually losing the job. The dreamer's insecurity and fear could relate to a different area of life, of similar importance as one's job.

What is the advantages and disadvantages of the job portal?

Searching for a job in the classified ad section of a newspaper is becoming less of a necessity, as employers increasingly list job openings for free on Internet sites such as Craigslist.com and use form websites to conduct the application process entirely online. These methods are convenient for em ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of the job of an engineer?

Depends on the type of engineer. Originally, it meant one who cared for, and operated engines- like a railroad locomotive. While it still means that, there are other types of engineers.Civil engineers design roads, bridges, dams, and large buildings. Electrical engineers design electrical distributi ( Full Answer )

Where do you get portal?

The program Steam allows you to buy it, and many other games. go to steampowered.com to download Steam, start Steam, search for Portal, hit Purchase Game, and download it

Now days there are so many cheating agencies. Is Real Jobs Portal Agency is lie that?

RealJobsPortal.com is EXCELLENT - 100% AUTHENTIC AND GENUINE. I personally talked on number given on RealJobsPortal.com website and after talking i was really impressed with them and their work. Their talk was absolutely transparent and i was able to clear all my doubts as well. I have myself join ( Full Answer )

What does double shift means for a job?

In work, it means two shifts in one ! If you normally work, for example, from 9am to 5pm for your shift, then you worked 8 hours ! A double shift will be working for 16 hours.

What do you mean by on roll job and of roll job?

Onroll means that you are an employee with "Organization A." Offroll means that you are an employee with "Organization B"working as a consultant for "Organization A." Payroll means that you are an employee of "Organization A" andreceive a salary from the same organization.

How do you spell the word that means job?

The word for a particular job is an occupation . A similar term for a job, skill, or commitment is a vocation . (seen in the term vocational training )

How do you put blue portals on portal?

To be able to shoot the blue portal gun, you must aquire it. To do so, goto testchamber 2 and, you will find the portal gun. Simply reach it, by steping through the portal it shoots, and then grab it. Then, you only have to click the left mouse button to shoot it!

What does your job status on hold mean?

What does the "Job Status" descriptions mean in regard to the application process? Open - The job is open for applicants to apply. On Hold - The job is no longer open for applications. Closed - The job has been filled. Canceled - The job will not be filled.

What exactly does secuity jobs mean?

Job security means: Assurance that you have about the continuity of gainful employment for his or her work life. That you feel like your job will not end.

What do you mean by freelance job?

A freelancer does not work under contract to just one company.He/She is "free" to work for anyone. A freelancer or (freelance worker) is a self-employed personworking in a profession or trade in which full-time employment isalso common. The word's etymology derives from the medieval termfor a mercen ( Full Answer )

Is portal as good as portal 2?

no, portal, (unlike its newer, more interactive counterpart) is not as good as portal 2, portal only has solving much more difficult tests, and, although they are funny, a few comments by GLaDOS, however, if you are more for solving puzzles instead of having a complex and interesting storyline, go ( Full Answer )

What does customer portal mean?

Customer portal means that a customer can access the web page, order services, configure their customer page, upload customer content and contact data.

What does suspension from a job mean?

It usually means you're sent home without pay - pending a decision on what disciplinary action will be taken against you.

What does job agent mean on an application?

A job agent is an employment agency who represents a potential job seeker with the hope that if a match is made, they can then collect a commission, or a fee.

What does position mean in a job application?

Examples of a job position on a job application are: . cook . short order cook . cashier . sales clerk . manager . electrician's assistant . electrician . teacher . teacher's assistant . nurse . nursing assistant . home health aide . wait staff, waiter, waitress . front desk . hotel ( Full Answer )

What does CV mean on a job app?

CV is an abbreviation for 'curriculum vitae' (Latin) which literally translates to 'the course of life' … They are asking for your resume.

What is the meaning of student portal?

The Portal is the essential, online source of information about enrolment, subject and exam timetables, fees, information technology.

What does it mean when one has a portal web?

Having a portal web is when someone has a website that is the beginning or first of a lot of other pages. Google, Yahoo and Bing are examples of portal sites.

What does b2b portal mean in business terms?

First of all, b2b means "Business to Business". What that means is that one business sells its products to another business rather than to an individual consumer. For example, an oil company sells its oil to a gas station. A b2b portal is an online tool that businesses can use to find buyers for ( Full Answer )