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Karnataka can be defined as an Indian state. The region was populary referred to as ÔKamata deseÓ in Indian History. However, historically, the names Karatak or Cernatic have been misapplied to the regions beyond the Western Ghats (Kodagu and Kerala).
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What is the Karnataka CET?

Answer . The Common Entrance Test (CET) Karnataka is conducted by CET cell Bangalore,\nKarnataka. 10 +2 or PUC passed students writes this examination for the purpose of\ntaking admission into Under Graduate Engineering / Technology / Architecture\ndegree courses in the different engineering coll ( Full Answer )

What is the main festival of Karnataka?

In Karnataka There are Many Festivals Are Celebrate Below is the List of Main Festivals in Karnataka .. Yugadi . Ganesha Chathurthi . Dussera . Depavali

Who are the Adi Karnataka people?

Adi Karnataka is term used by the Ministry of Home Affairs (India) to denote Kannadiga-speaking peoples who are primarily indigenous to the Karnataka state.

How can i get karnataka cet-2008 form?

The application form-cum-brochures will be supplied through thecolleges in which the candidates studied or appeared for theSecond-year PU examination. The cost of the application form is Rs550 (Rs 400 for SC/ST and Category-1 students) and the Demand Draft should be drawn infavor of the "Special Of ( Full Answer )

Name the governor of karnataka?

Rameshwar Thakur. but now he is not the govern er ,Shri.Ramakrishna is the govern er of Karnataka.. K.GREESHMA

Who is the president of karnataka?

States doesn't have their own presidents. In India , head of any state is the governor & head of people government is the chief minister

Engineering colleges in karnataka?

Below you find the list of Engineering Colleges in Karnataka - 1. National Institute of Technology, Surathkal 2. Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal 3. RV College of Engineering, Bangalore 4. MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore 5. International Institute of Information Technology, Ba ( Full Answer )

Who is education minister of karnataka?

SHRI KAGERI VISHWESHWARA HEGDE. Primary and Secondary Education from Education Department SHRI ARAVIND LIMBAVALI Higher Education from Education Department . Hope it helped u :)

Agriculture in karnataka?

The season is very harsh to my people. We struggle to live and resort to canabilsm more often than not. We only wish to grow the corn and make the children to live. Disease is a devil of our people. As is the white devil who come and rape our children. We choose to accept this and live in the peace ( Full Answer )

Who is the present education minister of Karnataka?

Karnataka has three ministers for different portfolios in education. Dr. V. S. Acharya is the minister of Higher Education, Shri. Kageri Vishweshwara Hegde is the minister of Primary and Secondary Education and Shri. Revu Naik Belamgi is the minister of Mass Education. Karnataka has three ministers ( Full Answer )

About natural vegetation of karnataka?

Karnataka's agricuture is one of the most essential attributes of Karnataka'a economy. Two main types of soil are: . Laterites . Red Soils. Some trees grown in Karnataka are: . Sandalwood . Teak . Rose wood . Honne . Jack . Mango . Mathi . Nandi . White Cedar . Bamboo . Cocut

Information of karnataka cet 2009?

You can get all information and up to date news about Karnataka CET 2009 in following websites:. 1. http://www.EducationBangalore.com/cet - Fast, uptodate and interactive. 2. http://kea.kar.nic.in - official Site.

Where is Karnataka?

karnataka is in India's south part Improved answer. Karnataka is a state in the south west of India, being formed in 1956 when the States Reorganisation Act was passed. Originally it was named as the State of Mysore but its name was changed to Karnataka in 1973.

First chief minister of Karnataka?

K.C.Reddy or Kysamballi Chengalraya Reddy [INC] was the first chief minister of the old Mysore state (Karnataka) in India from October 25, 1947 to March 30, 1952.

MLA list in karnataka?

Members of Legislative Assembly (MLA's) . Ac No. . Ac Name . Party . Candidate Name . BELGAUM DISTRICT . 1. Nippani. INC. KAKASO PANDURANG PATIL. 2. Chikkodi-Sadalga. INC. HUKKERI PRAKASH BABANNA. 3. Athani. BJP. LAXMAN SANGAPPA SAVADI. 4. Kagwad. BJP. BHARAMGOUDA AL ( Full Answer )

Which city in karnataka did get electricity first?

Bangalore is the first city in India to have electricity. In 1906, Bangalore was powered from a hydroelectric plant situated in Shivanasamudra. Source: http://www.outlookindia.com/article.aspx?230851

Does karnataka produce coffee?

Yes, karnataka produces cofee in large scale.Infact it is one of the largest producers of cofee in India. .

Total no of braches of Karnataka Bank?

Karnataka is a A-class scheduled commercial bank that has the approval of RBI to carry out banking operations in India. They have around 463 branches across 19 states and 2 union territories in India and serve over 3.5 million customers.

Who is called Nelson Mandela of karnataka?

Oscar Fernandes is the Nelson Mandela of Karnataka. Senior Indian National Congress leader from Karnataka, Oscar Fernandes, was conferred the Nelson Mandela Award in recognition of his efforts in promoting minority rights. -Som

Who are the gazetted officers in karnataka?

According to Rule 8 (20) of Karnanataka Civil Services Rules "A Gazetted Government Servant' is one who is a member of an All India Service or State Civil Service, Class I or II or a person appointed in accordance with the terms of a contract oragreement and whose appointment is Gazetted by Governme ( Full Answer )

What languages are spoken in Karnataka India?

kannada... The language spoken in Karnataka,which is in India, which is inAsia, is Kannada. Kannada is the official language of Karnataka. Other regional languages include: Tulu Kodava Takk Konkani Urdu Beary bashe Sankethi

How many branches does karnataka bank have?

Karnataka Bank is a private sector bank with headquarters in Mangalore, Karnataka, India. They have around 463 branches in 19 states and 2 union territories. They have over 4800 employees and approximately 3.5 million customers making it one of the significantly large private sector banks in India.

What are the types of ration card in karnataka?

in Karnataka BPL(Below Poverty Line ) ration cards are green yellow in rural areas and urban APL (Above Poverty Line )ration cards are blue and "computerized"in the Bangalore urban area Antyodaya anna Yojana cards are meant for poorest of poor families living in rural and urban slum areas

Who is the karnataka cm?

name: D. V. Sadananda Gowda took office : 3 August 2011 party :Bharatiya Janata Party

What are the major problems in karnataka?

Regional Imalance - skewed development in southernkarnataka . Water scarcity - both drinking water and water foragriculture . Power scarcity . Improper resource management

What is old name of karnataka?

MYSORE was the old name of karnataka. After naming the old place as karnataka, mysore name was given to small region around mysore palace (where mysore maharaja's use to reside) inside karnataka. -Suresh

Where more rain fall in karnataka?

Could you rephrase and resubmit your question. This cannot be answered the way it is written it is to vague. Please be specific. This way you get the best answer possible.

What is the climate of karnataka?

The climate of Karnataka has been classified as Tropical Monsoon, with moderate summers and nice winters.

Which place is in karnataka?

There are many places in karnataka: Bidar Gulbarga Bangalore Fort and Tipu's Palace Chitradurga MysorePalace Hampi Dharmasthala Halebeedu Bangalore Palace Bijapur Somnathpur Kolar SrirangapatnaPattadakal Bellary Fort Aihole Belur Badami Shravana belagola

How many bhima jeweler are there in karnataka?

There are Six Bhima Jewellers Showroom Across Karnataka in Three cities & The Cities are Bangalore, Mysore, Udupi Below is the List of 6 Bhima Jewellers Showrooms with there Postal Address. 1. Bhima Jewellers, 45, Dickenson Road, Near Manipal Centre, Bangalore - 560 042 2. Bhima Jewell ( Full Answer )

Which are the names of districts of karnataka?

Bangalore Urban . Bangalore Rural . Chikkaballapur . Chitradurga . Davanagere . Kolar . Ramanagara . Shimoga . Tumkur . Bagalkot . Belgaum . Bijapur . Dharwad . Gadag . Haveri . Uttara Kannada . Bellary . Bidar . Gulbarga . Koppal . Raichur . Yadgir . Chamarajanagar . Chika ( Full Answer )

How do you get domicile certificate in karnataka?

Someone might be able to get a certificate saying they are legally domiciled in Karnataka if they have been there more than five years. Alternatively they may get it if they have married a citizen of the state.

What is the Provincial flower of Karnataka?

The Lotus or the ( Nelumbo nucifera) is the provincial flower of Karnataka, Republic of India. This also happens to be the National flower of India.

Where is Vijaya Karnataka published?

"Vijaya Karnataka" is an Indian newspaper. It is the most popular newspaper in Kannada language and it is published in a number of cities in Karnataka.

When will be the Karnataka SSLC results will be out?

Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board (KSEEB) 10th classexams are being performed by the board in the month of March, 2016.This exam is performing for the students of 10th class in theschools that are associated to the KSEEB for encouraging thescholars to the higher stage of the learning. ( Full Answer )