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how do you use the word magnetic in a sentence how do you use the word magnetic in a sentence

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Magnets are magnetic and so the meaning should be magnetic pieces of metal meaning- a substance that can attract iron or steel.

Tantalum itself is not magnetic (does not generate the magnetic field); however, it is a paramagnetic material...meaning it will react to a magnetic field. see Paramagnetic

The meaning of MPI in welding is Magnetic Particle Inspection.

No, Germanium is not magnetic, as it is diamagnetic (Fancy word for repulsive) meaning that rather than attracting (Magnetic) It sends objects away.

The Earth has a magnetic field around it. The magnetic North is close to what we call the North Pole. The magnetic South is at the South Pole. There is a magnetic North and South and a geographic North and South pole.

Technically all substances are magnetic in some way: it's either ferromagnetic (what most people would consider "magnetic"), paramagnetic (weakly attracted to a magnetic field), or diamagnetic (weakly repelled by a magnetic field). Not many substances are "magnetic" in the usual lay meaning of the word, though.

There are three ways that matter is affected by magnetism: ferromagnetism, paramagnetism, and diamagnetism. Ozone is diamagnetic, meaning that it will try and move itself out of a magnetic field, and / or that a magnetic field will be weaker if ozone is present.

The question has no meaning. Lines of force are a mathematical concept, not real physical objects; a magnetic field is continuous.

the magnetic domains have become un-alligned. meaning instead of being parallel, they are shifted and are not straight OR The magnetic domains are disturbed

Supermalloy is a metal alloy that is 79% nickel, 5% molybdenum and 16% iron. It is used in mechanical and electronic components like hard drives. It is disigned to have a very high magnetic permeability and a low coercivity, meaning that magnetic fields can flow though it very easily. It is also a soft magnetic material, meaning that it doesn't stay magnetized itself once the magnetic field is removed.

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There are different types of compass, but the most common one is the magnetic compass - meaning that the needle that detects magnetic fields is, itself, a small magnet.

The meaning I know is 'Magnetic Resonance Imaging', though there will be others

Magnetic balance test is performed on transformer to check, whether the core and windings of the transformer is balance position or not. Magnetic Balance is a test of Critical use as it helps us to enhance the efficiency and life of transformers.

the magnetic domains have become un-alligned. meaning instead of being parallel, they are shifted and are not straight;; :) glad to helpp :D people

A magnetic platter is something that is found in your computerÃ?s hard drive. It is the actual place where the data is stored, is shaped like a flat disc, and made of metal.

20000 Varuna is a transneptunian object, meaning it is very far away, and not much is known about it. However, any object of its size is likely to have at least some magnetic field.

Yes, maybe, but probably not. This is not the most common way of describing matters and the term "static magnet" does not have a defined meaning and established usage, so one can not know the meaning when there is no context. The other similar phase is "static magnetic field." One often uses the phase "static magnetic field" to refer to a magnetic field that does not change for a period of time. The source of that magnetic field can be anything and need not be a permanent magnet. The typical solenoid is designed to produce a magnetic field which is typically of fixed strength for a period of time. Such a field arises in an electromagnetic and not a permanent magnet, but is nonetheless a "static magnetic field."

The pull of positive and negative charges between the two bodies, an electrical or magnetic force.

No. A positron is the antiparticle of an electron, meaning it has the same mass but an opposite charge and magnetic moment.

Computer memory is dependent on internal magnetic forces. Any other source of magnetism scrambles the magnetic information in storage, thus destroying its meaning and usefulness by the computer.

Hoshin is a loose definition of a compass - In Japanese it really means a magnetic needle now we all know a magnetic needle points north and therefore the meaning is something that gives you a direction.

Meaning is to quantitatively analyze the magnetic field of a steady line current a distance r from it. Make sure to use that appropriate coordinates.