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What is the meaning of map and globe?

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== == A map is a flat, two-dimensional representation of an area. Usually maps present a view from above. Normally the space they represent is a geographic area (cities, towns, countries or neighbourhoods, for example), but maps can in theory represent non-geographical things (a "map" of the circulatory system) or even things with no physical reality at all (a "map" of someone's consciousness). A globe is a three-dimensional map of the earth overlayed on a sphere. Other differences include the fact that any large map, being an attempt to display part of the surface of a sphere (the earth) on a flat sheet of paper, is always distorted to some degree, while a globe is not.

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How is globe diffent from a map?

A globe is round. A map is flat.

What is the difference between map and globe?

A map is printed on paper; a globe is the world map printed on a globe, which is round.

Similarities of map and globe?

the map and the globe both show the world.

Is a globe and a world map the same?

no, because a world map could be a flat map and a globe cannot be a flat map.

What is Globe and map?

A globe is a sphere map of the world and a map is many things! Glad i could help!

What is a small map or picture of a globe that shows where the place shown on the main map is located?

Globe map

What is difference between globe and map?

A globe is round and a map is flat you numpty

What is the different between a map and a globe?

the diffrence between a map and a globe is that a map is basicly paper and the globe is round and that you can spin it around.There`s that and the texture

Why do you use a map instead of globe?

because you can carry a map around and a globe you cant

Why use a globe than a map?

because a globe shows it better than a map.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using maps and globes?

An advantage of a map is that a map is easy to carry. An advantage of a globe is that a globe is a 3D version of the world. A disadvantage of a map is that on a map the continents are stretched. A disadvantage of a globe is that a globe is hard to carry around.

What is the difference between a map and a globe?

A map is 2-Dimensional while a globe is 3-Dimensional.

5 differences between a map and globe?

a map is made from paper and a globe is made from balloon.

A globe is more accurate than a map because a globe can show?

the circular shape that a map can not

How are map and globe similar?

A map and a globe are similar because it shows u places or a state.

Can a map show the same things a globe does?

Well, a map cannot show the same things as a globe but they are pretty close. Personally I like a map better than a globe.

Differences between a map and globe?

A Globe is a sphere (3D) and represents the whole Earth. A map is 2d like on paper and can represent the whole Earth, or just specific areas. This is what i have discovered. I discovered that a map has a key and a globe does not. A globe shows the entire earth and a map shows a particular part of the earth. A globe spins and a map does not. A globe is made of hard material and can't fold while a map is made of paper and can fold.

Which is a 3D object- a map or a globe?

a globe

Is Earth a globe?

No, a globe is a 3D map of the Earth

A map on the Earth in the shape of a ball?


What is the most accurate map?

The most accurate map is a globe because it shows exactly where things are on the Earth and a globe is not distorted, like a map is.

Would a catographer work on a map or globe?

Answer Is: A MAP

Would a cartographer work on a map or a globe?

A map

Where can you find a globe map of a rhinoceros lives?

You go to the then you type in globe map of rhino lives. ta da you have a globe map of a rhino. This is so simple and easy stupid. Thank you

What is the differ between a globe and a map?

Differences between a map and globe: -map you can take anywhere anytime -globe tells you different con tenets - map tells you specific streets hope this helps add more if you wish:)