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A machine, esp. one powered by electricity or internal combustion, that supplies motive power for a vehicle or for some other device..
This is the common sense in which motor is used today but historically it had perhaps a broader meaning in for example a horse attached to pull a wagon could be called amotor. Before the age of machines it might have been defined asthat which or one who moves something else. Thus for example nerves which send impulses from the central nervous system to peripheral muscles to cause them to move are calledmotornerves.

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What is meaning of the motor vehicle BMW?

Baravian Motor Works

What is meant by motor peripheral nerves?

peripheral nerves are either motor, meaning that they are involved in motor activity such as walking, or sensory, meaning that they carry sensory information back to the CNS

How do you change the selector motor within the dash of a 1999 ML 320?

What selector motor are you meaning?

What is the meaning of BMW?

Bayerische Motor Werk - the German way of saying Bavarian Motor Factory.

What is the symbolic meaning of the neck?

the root/motor of your body.

What is a many wheeled motor vehicle?

it's "motor" not "moter" and is many meaning more than one?

What is the meaning stall in dc motor?

This is when the rotor (Shaft of the motor) Stalls, normally due to overloading, bearing failure

What is the meaning of Bayerische Motoren Werke?

Baverian Motor Works

What is the meaning of IP in motor nameplate?

IP nameplate involoving

What is the meaning of each of the characters in the BMW model?

Bavarian Motor Works

What is the medical term meaning abnormally decreased motor function or activity?

Hypokinesis or hypokinesia means abnormally decreased motor activity.

What is the meaning of LMV-NT?

Light Motor Vehicle - Non Transport

What is the verb form of the word motor?

"motor" can be used as a verb. It means to travel in a motor vehicle or to convey something in a motor vehicle. Example: I motored across the US in my new car. The man motored me across the lake in his speed boat. "motorize" is a verb meaning to add a motor to, to equip with a motor.

What is the meaning of cc used in bike?

meaning of cc ../A cubic centimeter used in measurement of motor size .. any? email

What is the medical term meaning increased activity?

Hyperkinesia is the medical term meaning increased motor activity. Hyperactivity is another possible term.

An electric motor is a generator in reverse meaning that it can turn electricity into?

An electrical motor generator in reverse means that it can turn the electrical energy to mechanical and kinetic energy.

What happens when ac supply is given to dc motor vice versa?

What is the meaning of Vice-versa?

How many cylcinders are in a 1999 4 liter ford explorer?

The 4 liter Ford engine is a V6 motor,meaning there are 6 cylinders,3 on each side of the motor.

What is SPL horsepower?

SPL means the motor is Split-Phase, on the motor where you found that it should have two numbers, i.e. 120/240 SPL HP. Meaning the motor operates different given 120 volts compared with 240 volts.

What is the meaning of A brick n motor operation?

It means the best food truck around western ny!

What is the meaning of the word 'vespa' in English?

Vespa is a small motor scooter. Also a wasp.

What is the meaning of 2.7 2.0 as rated to some motor cars?

Normaly it's the engine's displacement in liters.

Is motor oil a organic compound?

Yes, a motor oil contain many organic compounds.

What is the meaning of the acronym RV?

The most likely meaning is "recreational vehicle". This is an American term and refers to a vehicle such as a camper van or a motor home which is used as leisure transport and accommodation.

In marine terminology what does MS mean how is it different from MV?

In marine terminology, MS is a prefix meaning "motor ship" and the prefix MV means "motor vessel." The two are often used synonymously.

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