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To damage or destroy something.

Example: That dog was mutilated with sharp tools.

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Q: What is the meaning of mutilate?
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What is a 4 letter word meaning mutilate?

try maim

What is a sentence for the word mutilate?

A sentence for the word mutilate might include: "Your terrible singing voice is going to mutilate that pretty song." Mutilate is defined as damage or destroy.

When was Mutilate Me created?

Mutilate Me was created on 2011-04-12.

How do you use mutilate in a sentence?

Mutilate is a word that means to cause injury due to violence. A good sentence would be, his intent was to mutilate the boys arm.

What is the meaning of the prefix mut?

To change Examples: Mutate Mutilate

What is the synonym of hack?

Meaning 1: cut, chop, slash, mutilate, mangle, mangulate, hew, lacerate Meaning 2: reporter, writer, correspondent, journalist, scribbler, contributor

What is symbolic about the way Oedipus chooses to mutilate himself?

He's seen his mother's Woohoo intimately. Would you mutilate your eyes too.

How do you spell mutilate in French?


What is the meaning of a slasher film?

A slasher film is a horror film where the villain(s) use a sharp object from knives and swords to chainsaws to haunt and mutilate their victims.

What does mutilate mean?

destroy, destruct, deface

What rhymes with mutate?

Rotate and mutilate almost rhyme.

How does a person self-mutilate?

You've got to be kidding....

When do you crop a dogs ears?

never. why mutilate an animal?

Can the word 'mutilate' be a synonym for the word 'amputate' If not - why not?

It may be so used, because amputation certainly is a form of mutilation. However, mutilate necessarily expresses a negative emotion, while amputate does not.

What are the release dates for Hawk - 1966 Do Not Mutilate or Spindle 1-1?

Hawk - 1966 Do Not Mutilate or Spindle 1-1 was released on: USA: 8 September 1966

How do you make a rope in Mutilate-a-doll?

Press space on your keyboard it will work :)

What is another word for 'damage'?

Break, scratch, dent, mutilate, destroy

Is it illegal to burn a dollar?

Yep, it is illegal to mutilate or destroy US Currency.

What does the prefix Mut mean from the word mutilate?

to change

How do you shoot on mutilate a doll?

Press the same key you use to spawn the weapon.

How does a doctor diagnose chronic fatigue syndrome?

they will usually mutilate your genetalia to see if you react

Do not fold Spindle or mutilate was written on every punch card. Who invented this card?


Use mutilate in a sentence?

The mass murderer mutilated his victims by cutting their faces once they were dead.

How do you build a zerg building?

You must get a zerg drone and mutilate it into a building. you can get certain buildinngs to evolve.

Identify the meaning of the prefix underlined in the word mutilate?

The word 'mutilate', meaning to permanently damage or severely injure, isn't formed using a prefix. The word begins with the Latin root 'mutil-' (see below), but this isn't identified as a prefix in English, although it forms the beginning of words, usually related to 'mutilate', in other languages, notably Italian and Spanish.The modern English word 'mutilate', first recorded in the 1530s relating to things (including animals) and in the 1560s relating to people, can be traced back to the Latin 'mutilare' (to cut, or lop, off), from 'mutilus' (maimed).There is a suffix involved: '-ate', indicating, as a verb suffix, to 'act, cause, make, and so on', from the Latin, '-are' as in 'mutilare', above.The English term, 'mutilation', from late Latin, dates back to the 1700s.