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Receiving or subjected to an action

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What mean by passiveworm?

what is meaning by passive worm

What is the meaning of 'passive infinitive'?

i want to be read

What is meaning of sanskrit word bidhasyate?

= is ordered(Passive Voice)

Paschal come from the greek word meaning what?

The root-verb is ΠΑΣΧΕΙΝ meaning: (to) Suffer, or: Being passive.

Does Osmosis use ATP?

No. Osmosis is passive, meaning it does not require ATP.

What is the meaning of passive listening?

Passive listening is listening without making the attempt to solve the talker's problems. Passive listening simply lets the talker know that you are listening, and it allows for that person to vent feelings.

In gentle as a lamb the word lamb has which meaning?

A creature that is trusting, passive, and sweet

Is passive inert?

Yes, these words are very close in meaning. "Inert" means inactive, whereas "passive" means receiving action rather than initiating it.

What is quasi-passive verb?

Quasi means seemingly or looking almost like. That is, a verb is called quasi-passive when its use almost looks like passive but actually it is active in syntactic and semantic structure. Examples : Rice sells cheap, meaning rice is cheap when it is sold. Honey tastes sweet, meaning honey is sweet when it is tasted. Their surface structure operates on one level which is apparently passive, but their meaning emerges from the deep structure which is actually active in function. I think the significance of quasi-passive verb will come out if we interpret the linguistic phenomenon and make distinction in this way.

What is the opposite of argumentative?

passive? passive? passive?

What is the more passive branch of Islam?

Islam is a complete religion it has no passive or active branches Islam is the only religion and the meaning of Islam is ones complete submission to the will of God. Regards Ayesha Zahoor

Diffusion and Osmosis are passive transport mechanisms meaning they do not require?

They do not require energy, which is often in the form of ATP.

What is the meaning of passive imagination?

The faculty of imagining, or of forming mental images or concepts of what is not actually present to the senses.

What are kinds of passive voices and how many types are there in the passive voice?

There are seven types of passive voices 1 General Passive 2 Modal Passive 3 Journalistic Passive 4 Double object Passive 5 + ing Passive 6 + going to Passive 7 + want to Passive By H.K.Dalugama

What is the difference between metal and active passive metal?

A passive metal is defined as a metal protected by an oxide film whereas active metals do not have this, meaning they are at susceptible to corrosion as their surface is constantly in contact with an electrolyte environment

What is passive graphics in brief?

What is passive graphics in brief? In Passive Computer

Is diffusion active or passive?


Is osmosis active or passive?

It is passive.

What is a passive learning?

What is a passive learning?

What is passive interest?

passive interest

Who are you in passive voice?

Who are you has no passive form

What is the meaning of the terms passive smoke mainstream smoke and sidestream smoke?

partner of active smoker childeren in room after smoking

What is the opposite word meaning of aggresive?

Docile, complacent, peaceful, amicable, conciliatory, tranquil, pacific.

English grammar active and passive voice change from active to passive he would have kept the present can you change it into passive?

== == "English grammer active and passive voice change from active to passive .

What is passive capacitor?

A capacitor is passive like a resistor is passive it performs no active amplification.