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Photo interpretation is a very tricky subject, and that's just because each person has a different answer. But, all in all, the photo interpretation is just what each person gets from a photograph. It could be happy or sad feelings from a memory the photo evoked or a string of memories throughout someones life. A person really can't put a detailed strict definition to photo interpretation just because it is an interpretation. A person never really know what he or she will be getting.

But, photo interpretation as a whole is a way for someone to understand the artists reasoning behing the photo to help understand it a little better.

The above answer describes photo 'appreciation' rather than 'interpretation'. The usual meaning of Photo Interpretation is the examination of (usually aerial) photographs in order to determine as much information as possible about the subject of the photograph. For example, in the case of industrial complexes: What does it produce? What processes are involved? Where are they carried out? What is the daily output? What is the annual output? Etc.
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What does interpreted mean?

Interpreted means to make sense of; assign a meaning to; "What message do you see in this letter?"; "How do you interpret his behavior?"

What meaning does Cassius interpret from the storm?

That he is mighty and fearful. . _____________________________ . It is foreshadowing by Cassius. Into the storm or Caesar's death that is to come. We learn he is superstitious.

What meaning does Cassius interpret form the storm?

Cassius interprets that the storm is the gods way of telling the people that Caesar was becoming too powerful, which we all know is bogus and Cassius just didn't like Caesar.

What does interpret mean?

Interpret means to determine the meaning of an action, or translate a communication from one language to another. Where a meaning is unclear, the action is to decipher . Examples: I did not know how to interpret his sudden interest in economics. A primary role of guides in exploration was to in ( Full Answer )

What does photo mean?

Photo Means Light. It is also a Greek root. . Here are some words that start with photo: photography, photocells, photocopy, photodetector, photoduplicate

What does interpreting mean?

The process in which the receiver personalizes the sender's message to determine the meaning. The process of translating utterance from one language to another (only oral language; translating written language is called translating). Sometimes the word is applied to being a tourist guide.

What do you mean by interpretative dance?

Dance or movement used to show an emotion or story. Usually done to simplistic music that varies depending the emotion/story or sound affects. Often performed in funny costumes.

What does it mean to have a strict interpretation of the the constitution?

Well, it's kind of self-explanitory. It's the opposite of loose interpretration.. Strict interpretation of the Constitution is when you do only as much as the Constition allows you to do. Anything that is not mentioned in the Constitution is thought to be Unconstitutional.. For example, When Jeffe ( Full Answer )

What does it mean to interpret the law?

It means that they are discussing whether the law is constitutional or not.no i like cheese or :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))0 HACKED

What does the word 'interpreted' mean?

If someone interpreted something then it would be like saying that they figured out something. When people say 'But that's just my interpretation' they are like saying that's what their idea is, its how they work things out.

What does interpreting laws mean?

A lawyer interprets the law when he or she is trying to make a case. In civil lawsuits, this means determining whether the defendant's actions breached his or her civil duties to the accuser. Below is a link to an article that goes into more detail on interpreting the law.

What does the number 14 mean in dream interpretation?

Unless the number 14 has some particular relevance to you, you might consider each individual character independently. The number 1 is the number of communication, versatility and reason. It also refers to the self. The number 4 represents determination, passion, obsessiveness and jealousy. In numer ( Full Answer )

What does interpretable mean?

To interpret means to understand or make sense of something, so ifsomething is interpretable, it means that you can make sense of it.

What is photo mean and synthesis mean?

An Answer In the word photosynthesis, photo means "with the use of light" and synthesis means "building" or "assembly." So photosynthesis means building or growth with the use of light. The term refers to the process by which green plants use light to grow. An Answer photo means a picture and ( Full Answer )

How does Christianity interpret the meaning of Christ's death?

There had to be a reason for the death of Jesus and, since it brought his ministry to an end, it must have been of major importance. Christianity finds meaning in Christ's death by interpreting it as providing 'salvation' for all who believe.

What does it mean to interpret an artwork?

It means to simply state what YOU the view thinks the painting represents. This might be totally different to what the original artist was trying to convey.

What is the meaning of the suffix photo?

Light Photosynthesis requires light from the sun. Photo-electric eye in a street light requires the absence of light to trigger the street light to turn on. Photograph requires light to to hit a negative to form a picture.

What is the meaning or interpretation of a dog licking at you in a dream?

The dog in this dream probably is a symbol representing a person or organization. Because dogs often lick their owner in an effort to get attention, the dream suggests that someone (or some group) is pestering the dreamer with endless solicitations for attention. Similarly, dogs also use licking as ( Full Answer )

What does interpreting meaning in drama?

Interpreting meaning means to explain the meaning of something. For example, you may be asked to explain why a certain character acts the way he or she does, or why they are upset with another character.

What does best photo mean?

Its when you crop some stuff u don't want. Also its when u clean the scene and you remove the red eyes.

What does the term multiple defensible interpretations mean?

The term multiple defensible interpretation simply means that different people can have different ways of interpreting certain things such as writing pieces. It is basically when two or more people have different ideas about something and also have facts to defend their opinion.

What do you mean by compiler assembler and interpreter?

Computers can directly run only binary machine code. When people write programs, that program text must be processed into machine code before it can be run. Compilers and assemblers convert the source code into machine code. Compilers take a high-level language such as C or C++ and convert it, whi ( Full Answer )

What does interpreting pie chart mean?

A pie chart (or a circle graph ) is a circular chart divided into sectors, illustrating proportion. In a pie chart, the arc length of each sector (and consequently its central angle and area), is proportional to the quantity it represents. When angles are measured with 1 turn as unit then a numbe ( Full Answer )

What is the biblical interpretation of wolves in a dream mean?

There is no specifically "biblical" interpretation of wolves in dreams. References to wolves are not common in the Scriptures, and they are consistently presented as dangerous and evil. In Isaiah and Jeremiah, wolves are listed among other wild animals of desolate places, while in Ezekiel, wolves ar ( Full Answer )

What is it mean to interpret the constitution?

Like anything else, interpreting the constitution refers to the meaning and intent of the words used to describe the rights and duties of the citizenry it applies to. The problem starts when society changes due to technological changes and social norms. What applied to people when the constitution w ( Full Answer )

What does interprets the laws mean?

Interprets the laws means that a person reads the laws and then explains how the laws relate to a particular situation. A person who interprets the laws is often a mediator, a lawyer, or a judge.

What does interpret mean in math terms?

Interpret, in math terms, means to explain something. You may see aproblem that wants to you to "interpret" radicals or othermathematical data, but that just means you have to solve it, andprovide the reasoning behind it.

What does based on interpretations mean?

interpretation means interpreating the data based on the given data... eg..1 2 4 8__ here next data is 16... this is what an interpretation is..

What interpretative mean?

It means to explain the meaning of (information, words, or actions) It can also mean to translate orally or into sign language the words of a person speaking a different language It can also mean perform (a dramatic role or piece of music) in a particular way that conveys one's understanding of the ( Full Answer )

What does the term interpretive mean?

Interpretive is an adjective and derivative of the word interpretation meaning the act or result of interpreting. Depending on how one uses it in a sentence the definition can vary slightly.

What interpretation means?

The term interpretation means "what does that mean? ". It means what is the definition of that word or that phrase. A doctor might interpret x-rays or MRIs and give his results. This would be called his interpretation of the results.

What role does a base map play in aerial photo interpretation?

Often, when an aerial photo is taken, as from a satellite, many surface features are obscured by vegetation and other objects. A base map can help you determine what features exist beneath these elements. For example, if you have a base map of a city, you can overlay the aerial satellite images to d ( Full Answer )

What does interpreting mean in art terms?

Interpret means to explain or understand meaning in any context. Therefore interpreting art would require that you study and understand what the art means, or try to make a statement of what the art could mean given its context.

What does a chemical plant mean in dream interpretation?

Without more specific information about this particular plant inthis particular dream, it is not possible to guess at aninterpretation. It could reflect the blessing of jobs andtechnology or it might express horror at pollution andenvironmental ruin.

What does an ammonia plant mean in dream interpretation?

Assuming this "plant" is a factory, not a growing green plant...Ammonia is useful as a strong cleaner, but a plant/factory feelsoverwhelming and potentially toxic, which is exactly what ammoniafumes can be. So this dream might be a message from your mind,telling you that even though what you are doi ( Full Answer )

What branch of government interprets meanings of laws?

The judicial branch interprets the meaning oflaws, applies laws to individual cases, and decides if laws violatethe Constitution. The judicial branch is comprised of the SupremeCourt and other federal courts.