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prediction means : A statement of what will happen in the future

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Q: What is the meaning of prediction?
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What is the meaning of the word 'prediction'?

The word prediction is something you pridicte

What is the meaning of making a prediction?

To make an educatedguess

What is the Medical term meaning predictions of future?

Prognosis is the medical term meaning prediction.

What is the medical term meaning prediction about the outcome of a disease?


What is the definition of prediciton when used as a science concept?

Prediction has no special or different meaning for scientists. If what you say is going to happen happens then you are skilled at prediction.

What is another word meaning something is about to happen?

prediction, foreshadowing, occurence, revelation

What is the medical term meaning prediction of probable course and outcome of a disorder?


What is the meaning of a prediction?

It is a statement about what you think may happen in the future, a forecast or prophecy

WHAT ARE THese Skimming 2. Scanning 3. Prediction 4. Guessing the meaning of unfamiliar words 5. Inference?

difinition of scanning and prediction

What is the medical term meaning possible outcome of a disease?

Prognosis is a prediction about outcome of disease.

What is the medical term meaning before knowledge or prediction about the outcome of treatment?


How do you spell prediction?


What is the sentence for word prediction?

"You're prediction was correct." Noted the teacher. My prediction is that he will fall. Prediction and hypothesis are synonymous.

What is a list of Nostradamus predictions?

The main prediction is based on the coming of a star, meaning an exploded star, a supernova....

How do you spell prophysy?

The verb meaning to tell the future is to prophesy.The noun (a prediction or foretelling) is a prophecy.

What is a prediction and how do we make prediction from data?

Dan Henderson vs. Rashad Evans Prediction

What is a prediction giv?

If you mean "prediction gov", it is the official government weather prediction website.

Meaning definition of hypothesis in social work research?

Basically a hypothesis is like a prediction of what will happen in a study or experiment.

Is a hypothesis a fact or prediction?

A hypothesis is a prediction.

How do you use the word prediction in a sentence?

My prediction was absolutely wrong. 5wordsA prediction can be compared to a hypothesis. 6words

Was Paine accurate on his prediction?

How accurate paine was in his prediction

What is the difference between prediction and experimentation?

A prediction is somthing u guess .An experiment is somthing you do based off of a prediction

How is a hypothesis a prediction and an experiment related?

Prediction and hypothesis are kinda the same thing. Experiment is what you do to test your hypothesis or prediction.

How could you test a prediction?

You cant test a prediction. Only because a prediction is something you think that is going to happen so you couldnt test a prediction UNLESS your using science

What was nostradamus last prediction?

His last prediction was the date of his death.